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I believe it is important to know the main fears of writers to understand ourselves as writers. Not only will knowing the main fears of writers make you feel you are not the only one with writing fears, but also you will see them from a distance as something to overcome.

  1. “No one will appreciate what I write.”
  2. This is definitely a legitimate fear for those who want to share their writing and make money from it. But in the majority of cases, the best writing we can do and the type of writing that is appreciated the most by readers is what we enjoy. That enjoyment shows in our writing, and the readers take after that enjoyment. Sometimes even subjects that are not interesting to others can be interesting through someone’s enjoyment of writing about it.

  3. “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
  4. This is a common fear, even for experienced writers. Often as writers, we are exploring what has not been done. But the best thing we can do is follow our gut and/or writing intuition. If something seems to be correct or fitting in a story, article, and so on, then it is most likely correct.

    Also, remember that after you are have finished your writing piece, you can get some of your peers to look over your writing for you. Your drafts are merely hypotheses. Your theory of your writing ideas being good will be proven over time. The best you can do is follow your intuition and what you know is best.

  5. “I will figure out this piece of writing is rubbish in a few days.”
  6. This is a natural part of the writing process. Most of the times, we feel our writing is decent, if not good. But over time, we view many older pieces as not so good or even complete failures. We have a limited vision of what we write in the moment. In fact, only a small percentage of what we write is truly “good writing.” This even counts for professional writers.

There is no need to fear mediocrity or failure: it is a part of the writing process, which is best to accept in order to not feel let down. If you notice a piece of writing is not as good as you thought it was, try your best to edit it. If you can’t seem to make anything of it, then let it go back into the abyss from which it came.

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