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After all your research, thinking, and planning, you are now ready to write your final draft. This is the bottom line on which your results depend, so you need to get it perfect. The trouble is that by now, you are probably tired of the subject, and have other things demanding your attention. You need to resist these distractions and give your best effort to your final draft. final draft

First, you must have a clear thesis statement in your introduction. Without that, the whole paper loses its focus and power. You must state precisely where you are going. After that, your points must be clearly stated, each in its own paragraph. The most important points must be used first. Support your point with a relevant quote from a sound academic source within the same paragraph. Then, be sure your thoughts flow clearly and smoothly from paragraph to paragraph. Now write your conclusion. Bring the points you gave in the body together and show how they prove your thesis statement.

Now you need to make it perfect. First, put it aside for a couple of hours, or days, if you have the time. Then, with a fresh mind, reread it, and make sure it expresses your intended meaning. Correct it until you are satisfied with its content.

Next, make sure you are satisfied that each paragraph is relevant to the thesis statement. Ensure the paragraphs have connecting sentences leading into each other.

Ensure your sentence construction is correct. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Carefully proofread the paper, correcting any errors you find. If possible, try to find a person with suitable skills to read your final draft critically. Make any changes they might suggest that will improve your paper.

In addition, you need to make sure the paper conforms to the specified format style chosen. All formatting must be in place, all citations correctly cited, and your source references or bibliography must be listed on a separate page, written in the appropriate format of the style you are using, the most common being APA and MLA.

Lastly, check if your name, topic, and information that might be required on a title page are in place. Then, using a high quality printer, run off your hard copy for submission, or email the paper to the instructor. Do not be late, or else you will miss your deadline.

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