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You want to be a fine-tuned writing machine? Then you need to eat right. Here is a list of the foods and drinks you need to digest to be an awesome writer:

  1. Water. Drink a full glass of water when you wake up. Also, during the day, continue sipping water at least every hour to keep your mind fresh and your body comfortable.
  2. Herbal or green tea. Tea is one of the most powerful natural remedies and also one the most potent intelligence/focus boosters there is. If you are going for herbal tea, I would strongly recommend either tulsi tea or rooibos tea. Have some chamomile tea or boiled radish leaf tea if you want to feel chilled out. If you are more of a green tea fan, stick with green teas that are not too intense in caffeine.
  3. Fish. These little squirmy creatures provide a lot of brainpower to us when we eat them. And eating them also makes our skin look nicer, which is a bonus when we have to do press-releases for our books.
  4. Walnuts. The King of Nuts. Gobble these up to feel wise, healthy, and proud you ate walnuts.
  5. Mixed fruit shakes. You know writers don’t like to sit around and eat fruit for hours, so make a fruit shake instead. Best fruits to mix: bananas, apples, orange, pomegranate, persimmon, blueberries, and carrots.
  6. Dark chocolate. Extra dark. Makes you feel like you are in love, which is always a good thing when writing.
  7. Egg yolks or milk. The choline in them makes you scare off your senile nature.
  8. Sugar a.k.a glucose. Best to find it in oranges, blueberries, and apples. Resist the donuts!
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