The Freedom of Writing

By Nicholas Klacsanzky

freedom of writingYou know my favorite thing about writing? The freedom. You can write whatever you want (unless you are given a mandatory topic from your teacher or boss). In your secret notebook, you can write the most absurd, horrendous, abstract, mind-boggling stuff, and you don’t have to take responsibility for it. Some people let their personal writing become their public writing, but it’s not necessary. The joy of writing in total freedom is unparalleled.

And even when you have to write within parameters, there is a lot of flexibility to be creative and to create your own vision. If you want to write like a robot, you can do so, but… I think you don’t. You can express yourself in innumerable ways by your tone, the words you choose to use, the selection of info you want to present, and the way you make music with your words. The music part is often overlooked, as it can be the difference between making someone enchanted with your ideas or bored reading your piece of persuasion. We are always persuading our readers of something: how realistic our characters are, how great something is (or how bad it is), that our knowledge or ideas are valid, etc. through our writing.

Personally, what got me intrigued in writing is the freedom of it all. In most classes in high school, we had to memorize information and spit it out in the form of tests, fill-in-the-blank forms, speeches, and such. But when one writes, even in a restricted format, there are multiple ways to interpret what is needed to be said.

I found standard education mostly monotonous, until I got into creative writing. I think without realizing this creativity, I would never have found joy in learning.

Enjoy the freedom of writing and joy will follow!


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