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genie wishes

All of us were kids once, and many of us have seen the Disney cartoon “Aladdin.” I bet you remember that weird blue flying guy who could bring three wishes to life. That was a genie—a character from Arabian mythology (let’s put aside the fact that “original” genies weren’t kind and adorable). I can remember in my childhood that I dreamed of making friends with a genie like the Disney one, so that he could grant me with three wishes.

I think many people want to have their problems solved on their own, or have something wonderful happen to them. Perhaps, this is the echo of childish beliefs in miracles. Anyways, sometimes I catch myself thinking that it would be nice to have some wonders happen to me here and there. Particularly, if I met a genie, I guess I would ask him to:

Give me the power to express my thoughts freely and clearly, both in oral and written speech. Sometimes, when I write, it is so difficult to find the appropriate words—I can rewrite and edit a single phrase for an hour. But, with this power, I could write everything straight at once. I can only imagine how many books I would write then.

Grant me with the talent to know what has already been written in world literature, which topics are underdeveloped, and which of them were already written enough about. This way, I would never repeat anything that has been said before, or could improve and develop something that already exists.

Help me establish my publishing house. This way I could help young talented authors publish their novels and stories—considering they were decent enough. And, of course, that would solve publishing problems for me as well.

Um… seems like all of my wishes are related to writing. Okay, never mind. And what would you want the genie to do for you? You can write your wishes in the comments.

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