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Hi everyone!

Today, I am going to share one piece of advice that has helped me a lot. The advice is simple, but as I figured out when communicating with some of my writing friends, not everyone uses it. The advice is: “Write great things first.”

By a “great thing” I mean the most interesting place in a chapter, story, or whatever else I write. Besides this, it can be a key point in a plot, or an important argument you use in academic writing. For example, if you are writing a novel, the key point might be a fight between characters, or a sudden event that happens to one of them and affects their storyline, and so on. What I suggest is you can write such points down prior to everything else.

Why? Because it helps you keep enthusiasm. Since “a great thing” is what you feel the most excited to write about at a certain stage, why waste time describing all the precursory events and so on? While you still feel the drive and passion of the moment for what is going to be the most important event in the chapter, or that you like a lot (or see it the most clearly, and so on), write about it.

This moment can take only a paragraph to describe. But it’s going to be the strongest paragraph among a dozen of pages if you write it prior to everything else.

Well, this is how it works for me, and I hope it can help you too. Stay updated!

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