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reasons I hate writing sometimes

So far, I’ve been only talking about how good I feel about writing, what a wonderful feeling it is to be a writer, and I guess I contributed to creating an image of writing as something that is just unicorns and rainbows. “Just try it,” I said, “and you will see how much fun it is.” Well, I had a pretty intense week, and I’m currently in a self-criticizing mood, so my writing looks horrible to me. Therefore, I decided to write today’s blog post about things I hate about writing.

– When I’m writing and get a brilliant idea, which I decide to write down only after I finish a certain paragraph, and then I forget about the brilliant idea.

When friends and relatives never read what I write, but try to encourage me, saying things like, “Oh my, you’re such a skilled writer, you should have more faith in yourself!”

– When I ask for some critique (and I mean it, constructive critique is so important), but people avoid saying negative things by all means, and when I insist I need to hear what is wrong with my writing, they start dodging even more. Do I look like Mike Tyson who would punch them in the face, or what?

When I get stuck in the middle of a chapter for which I have a detailed plan, and cannot move on for no reason. I have no idea why it happens to me, but sometimes it’s incredibly annoying.

– When I write a story the whole night, go to bed when the sun is up already, have bad sleep, wake up at 4 p.m., reread my story, and discover that it does not make any sense.

When I ask people to not disturb me because I am going to write, and they still ask me things, enter my room, wander around, and speak to me in loud voices, as if they were thinking that, “Writing ain’t no big deal, a little distraction won’t hurt, why not ask him one more question and then make some noise?” And, I also hate how easy it is to distract me.

When I have a bright idea (again) and then discover that another author has already written about it. And I hate even more when it turns out that that book is written exactly the same way I would have written mine.

– When I have to look for publishing opportunities for years.

When I suddenly start to write like a three-year-old boy who has taken a pen in his hands for the first time.

– When I must write something (an article or whatever else) and at that point, writing is the last thing on Earth I’d like to do. But since I have to, I write and my writing is horrible, and I know it.

– When I forget to save my work.

– When… okay, there is much more to write about.

As you can see, I am not a zealous follower of The Cult of Writing. I have my bad days, my misfortunes, and my flaws. Writing can be nerve-racking and exhausting for me. But you know what? If someone asked whether I’d like to do something else instead of writing, I would say no.

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