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bored faceWhenever someone says, “I am bored,” I have to scoff inside. How in the world can someone be bored? The quote, “Only boring people get bored” makes a lot of sense to me. If you are bored at any time, this means you do not engage yourself in enough activities or you are not educated enough. The “enough activities” is obvious enough, but “educated enough” is not. If you were more educated, you would be more interested in life itself.

There is no chance for me to be bored—I am too curious in different fields to get bored. Rather, I feel a lack of time and focus in given areas. I have an interest in writing, music, art, philosophy, meditation… and it goes on. Even within music, I like to sing and play drums, which in itself takes a lot of time to practice to be fairly competent in it.

Some people say, “I like to write” or something similar about any activity. But what they don’t do is practice what they say. They may do their favorite activity only rarely, but still tell people they enjoy doing it.

Every moment you have is a chance to improve yourself in a given discipline. Some people would rather spend hours playing “Angry Birds” rather than trying to be an awesome drummer, or such. This is a personal choice, but we could introspect about the results of what we do. Say in 10 years of playing a little bit of drums each day, you could be a semi-professional drummer playing in a band making decent money on the side or as a career. Or you could master “Angry Birds.” Your choice.

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