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messy idea diaryFor those writers who get stuck in their writing easily, keeping an idea diary is helpful. An idea diary is a notebook you keep especially for noting down interesting things that happen in your day, your deep thoughts (philosophies), and possible connection between concepts.

Having an idea diary is handy, as anytime you feel uncertain about what to write, you can flip through your idea diary and snatch a great idea.

Here are three examples of entries in an idea diary. The first one is an example of personal happenings, the second one is an example of deep thoughts, and the third one is an example of connections between thoughts.


When meditating today, I smelled an interesting perfume in the air, but I don’t know where it came from. It’s like by meditating, divine smells come.


I think life is eternal. What can be created or destroyed if life is an infinite cycle? When something dies or decomposes, it transforms into something else that is still living. If we look far as we can in this cycle of life, there is no beginning. Nothing is born—it is only in a different form. One existence, infinite forms.


When I saw a blue jay perched on an electrical wire today, it seemed like it was a circus performer on a wire with absolute balance, bored with his or her profession.

As you can see, the entries in an idea diary can be quite varied and interesting. Try to write something down every day that inspires you, strikes you as beautiful, or arouses your curiosity. With daily practice, an idea diary can be an excellent resource for any writer, and for any human being for that matter.

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