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You think every thing has been written already? Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t. The key to innovating while writing is knowing what is already out there.

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How much do you read, especially stuff related to the genre you want to write in? It is super important to read as much as you can in the genre you enjoy writing in. Without reading the vast amount of material in your specific genre, you will not be aware of how to innovate within existing trends and the history of trends in that genre.

After you have read a great deal of writing within your selected genre, you can play with what’s popular and make it more nuanced or twist it around. For instance, in the noir genre, there is a stereotype of a mysterious but likable detective trying to unravel an odd case, which usually matches up with the detective’s past history in some way. Instead of this formula, you could write about a detective who is just plain bad at his or her job and frequently can’t solve simple cases, but somehow dodges being fired from the squad. You could even have a stereotypical detective in your story to poke fun at the status quo in storytelling.

Another key to being innovative when writing is knowing how to brainstorm. Many writers skip this essential step. By brainstorming for a few weeks about a story or an essay, a writer can dig through his or her subconsciousness and the ideas of others. Typical brainstorming techniques are bubble mapping, role playing, automatic writing, and talking to intelligent people about your ideas often (and possibly writing down notes while doing it).

To be innovative in writing in one of basic facets of being a writer. A writer who stays stagnant or who vies for ready-made formulas can hardly call oneself a writer.

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