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letter writing project in a galleryIt’s easy to get inspired to write. One of the best tricks to raise your inspiration levels is preparing for and acting upon a writing project.

Typically, writing projects are rules you give yourself in a frame of time for your writing. For instance, right now, I am doing a writing project called “Haiku and Short Poems” which has me writing ONLY haiku and short poems.

Why do we put limitations on ourselves as writers? It puts some stress, some pressure on us to work on writing in a different way than usual. The worst thing for a writer is stagnation. Not only does it feel bad, but it reflects poorly in our writing as well.

How long do the writing projects have to go on? Well, this is up to you, but I would recommend at least a month to get benefits from it. Usually, my writing projects are complete when I feel I have written as much as a book-length of material. So, each book or chapbook I write is a writing project.

Without writing projects, we can have too much freedom as writers and can get lost in the vastness of creativity. If we have some structure, our creativity has an avenue it can pour its expression through. Knowing the destination for your creativity is important as well, such as writing enough material to equal a book.

Make your writing projects fun and I am sure you will have fun completing the projects. You don’t have to give yourself boring projects—this would defeat the purpose. Go for what’s engaging and what will be long-lasting in the eyes of readers.

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