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By Bhalachandra Sahaj

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Hi everyone!

Throughout recent months, I’ve ran into several great books. After reading each of these books, I constantly got the feeling that the books wouldn’t let me go; they make me return to the plot again and again, think and rethink over small details. Each of these books is an inspiring masterpiece, and this is not just my opinion; for all those seeking to inspire themselves, to whip up their emotions and thoughts, and to feel the power of literary art, I recommend to read the following books:

1. “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes

To say I was shocked by this book would convey little to none of the emotions that filled me at the moment when I turned the last page of this novel. Starting as an inarticulate and poorly-written diary of a mentally-disabled cleaner, “Flowers of Algernon” quickly turns into a powerful drama, in which each word is right in its place, and which does not let you make even a short pause unless you read it to the end. The book raises questions about dignity, intelligence, morals, and love; it tells a story of a fool who, due to the power of science, became the most intelligent person on Earth. Did it bring him happiness? Read the book and find out.

2. “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse

Everyone knows of Buddha. For me, it is hard to imagine that someone wouldn’t know at least the name. The book generalizes the canonic story, Siddhartha Gautama—or the Buddha—who had left the palace of his father after he witnessed cruel life behind its walls, and spent long years in search of enlightenment. But he was not the only one. There were other people living in that time who had stepped on the spiritual path, who moved in their own ways. This is a novel about one of them: a story about a person who became Buddha, but whose name has remained unknown to the public.

3. “The Elementary Particles” by Michel Houellebecq

As well as the rest of the author’s novels, this book is indeed dark. It tells the story of a lonely scientist who managed to prove that humans do not need love, and that humans are a bunch of elementary particles, which can be destroyed and recreated. Throughout the book, the author raises questions about morals, sexuality, the limits of what is acceptable and what is not…. If you decide to read this book, prepare yourself for a grim story.

At the moment, I am reading “In Search of Lost Time” by Marcel Proust. As you know, this is an indeed a monumental literary work, so it will take me a while to finish reading it. But I’ll still write about it here some other time. So far, enjoy the books from the list above!

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