Interview to Give You Ideas

By Bhalachandra Sahaj

Hi everyone!

One of the things that helped me out when I was writing my novel was getting myself acquainted with the opinions of people engaged in my field of interest. An interview—given that it is an outstanding person who is being interviewed—often revolves around several major ideas of an interviewee; so, reading them is a good way to learn something new, gain inspiration, and give yourself a powerful kickstart anytime you feel like the flow of ideas in your head/heart stops.

So, today I’ve decided to gather some inspiring interviews that I read recently and to share them with you. I wanted their range to be wide, so the topics discussed in the interviews below are versatile.

  1. Hiroshi Ishiguro, Japanese inventor and transhumanist.
  2. Isaac Asimov. Legendary author.
  3. Stephen King. He does not need to be introduced, right?
  4. Ayn Rand’s interview with Mike Wallace.
  5. Murakami Haruki in The New York Times.
  6. Vincent Cochetel. Not really an interview, but worth watching.
  7. Dmitry Itskov. A Russian millionaire with ingenious ambitions.
  8. Sir Richard Branson. An outstanding personality and dreamer.

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