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One book page is usually 275 words. If you write 275 words per day, you can easily write a novel in 500 days or less. Keeping a daily word count is essential to producing enough material to publish and to be a professional writer.

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Not every student wants to be a professional writer—that is obvious. However, if students practice writing a set word amount every day, with 275 words being the minimum, then students can improve their writing skills drastically within a short period of time. Quantity produces quality, most of the time.

Reading books on writing better helps as well, but the most effective way to become a better writer is to write daily according to a word count. You don’t have to write slowly, either. Write as fast as you can, in fact. Overthinking the drafting process is one of the biggest mistakes a writer can make. Editing is there for a reason. When you write your drafts, let your ideas fly onto the page and worry about the technicalities later.

If you miss one day of writing, make up for it. Make yourself accountable for your own writing skills. A daily practice of writing makes writing essays and term papers much easier. Plus, in any job you have, writing is required. Of course, when you have to write an essay, that will count in your word count for the day.

Making writing a habit is one of the best things you can do for your education and career. Don’t miss the chance to become a regular writer. In college, I learned that, “If you don’t write today, you cannot call yourself a writer.” Waiting for inspiration is for amateurs. Inspiration comes in the act of writing itself, most of the time. A lethargic person rarely is inspired.

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