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Do you listen to music while you write and study? Some writers and students can’t do without some background music. Here is a list of great sites for listening to music while you do your thing:


It is a fantastic music discovery website. Say you like Radiohead, they will show you stuff that sounds like Radiohead and bands you probably never heard of that are closely connected to Radiohead. One of the most popular sites, it is also easy to use. They also have music charts, the chance to make mixes, opportunities to create your own customizable radio station, and much more.


Mostly presenting Asian music, this site has many options in sound quality and a huge range of albums plus artists to choose from. Besides featuring music from India and around Asia, Gaana also has songs in English. It is great place to find full albums of high quality sound.


This is kind of obvious, but not so obvious at the same time. Usually people get annoyed with all the advertisements when using Youtube for music, but the secret is using an add-on on your browser that will cut out advertisements. Then your music playlists can go on without interruption!

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