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No matter whether you are an amateur writer or a college student working on a narrative essay, you can always use a couple of writing tips. Based on this assumption, today I would like to tell you about the small nuances professional writers know about that you could use to instantly make your writing sound professional. Using the experience of other people who have already walked your road is precious.

1. Write in complete sentences. One of the features helping to understand whether an author is an amateur or not is the structure of sentences. Beginners tend to have incomplete sentences. Really. What is worse, for some reason, they like to use ellipses, which is, you know… anyway, remember that complete sentences are your friends.

2. Use active speech if you want your writing to be lively and vivid. This can be achieved in two ways: 1) avoiding the use of too many nouns, giving preference to verbs, and 2) putting verbs into active voice. There’s nothing as boring as reading a sentence like, “And hence, the strength of his anticipation was influenced by the factors accumulated through prolonged time.”

3. Proper grammar and punctuation is important. Using an appropriate writing style matters. The way you express thoughts directly affects your potential readers. You cannot expect someone to highly value the genius of your novel if it is written in poor language, or with a lack of elementary literary techniques a third-grader would know.

4. If you try to exploit some popular topic (without at least trying to bring something new to it) it will be obvious to anyone except maybe you. For example, dystopian novels are popular nowadays, but it does not mean that if you write one, it will automatically become popular. If you write a persuasive essay about the damage caused by alcohol, do not restate obvious and well-known arguments hoping that the debated topic will do all the work. It is you who makes your writing outstanding, not the conjuncture.

5. No matter whether you are working on a novel or a thesis paper, what you need first of all is a detailed writing plan. Although it may change during the process of writing, you need to see a clear picture of what you are going to throw yourself into: the outline of a plot (or an argumentative base), the sequence of events, and so on.

6. Also, you need to have a list of characters, as well as a list of significant events, connections between characters, causal connections, and so on. It is a sort of a mind map, a concise synopsis of your writing plan. You will need it for a quick overview of the main semantic connections in your writing.

7. It’s not a tip, but rather a piece of advice: read a lot. When reading other authors’ books, you get a different perspective. You learn new causation, metaphors, literary techniques, persuasion techniques; you learn new approaches to building sentences, and how to express the same thoughts in a number of different ways. Reading is a must for any writer.

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