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By Johannes Helmold

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Sometimes, in order to break writer’s block, it’s enough to start writing. Quite a paradox: in order to start writing, you need to start writing. writer's block
The trick is that writer’s block often seems bigger and scarier than it truly is; rather often (well, in my personal case, but I am sure it works for other writers as well) you just lack a starting spark. Setting inspiration aside for a while, I’d like to draw your attention to one of the alternative ways to break through writer’s block—specifically, ranting.

I guess you could call ranting the dark side of inspiration. Whereas inspiration is often associated with something enlightening, ranting seems to be something you wouldn’t really want to do (at least in front of other people). But in fact, ranting can be quite useful if used correctly. One thing is to whine about how bad everything is, how tired you feel because of X, Y, and Z, and how unfair this cruel world is. Or, you can turn your dissatisfaction into an emotional lampoon, a sparkling speech, or a satirical poem. In my previous blog, I recalled the name of George Carlin—he is a perfect example of how a person turned dissatisfaction into brilliant satire.

Do not hold yourself back from being negative—you are about to give your negativeness an exit, so why hold it within yourself? Think of something that makes you angry, tired, or dissatisfied in any way. Feel these emotions in your chest, let them become the fuel for your engine. Do you censor your thoughts and words when you burst with anger or disappointment? Most likely, you don’t.

And that’s great (in the case of breaking through writer’s block, at least)! This is exactly what you need. Just don’t speak these words and thoughts orally—write them down instead. Do not stop—let this negative flow come out of the tip of your pen; it is to some extent similar to the technique of free writing, when you write down everything that comes to your mind, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Do not whine or complain; instead, blame, expose, criticize, and mock on.

And you will see how much you can write, despite having writer’s block.

P.S. By the way, being tired of your writer’s block is a nice subject to rant on!

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