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By Bhalachandra Sahaj

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Hi everyone!

I don’t know about you, but for me, April is the first real spring month. In April, I feel everything poets and writers usually connect with spring: inspiration, melancholy, wanderlust, and also this special subtle energy that I do not even know how to name, but which makes life play with all of its colors. And as usual, for a mood like this, good music is essential. So, here is what has touched my heart this spring for writing inspiration:

Literally, the first music composition I listened to this spring. I believe no culture knows more about spring magic as the Japanese. Japanese people seem to have a direct connection with nature; perhaps, this is why their traditional music is so charming.

“Aozora”—the blue sky—is a perfect title, I think, for a song about searching for your place in the world, travelling, and the bright blue sky above. And for spring, of course.

I guess when all traditional music instruments disappear, and only electronics is left, this is how nature will sound like in the imagination of future composers.

To me, this is how the awakening of nature sounds to me. One of my favorite bands to date.

Okay, today seems like the day of Japanese music, but who cares if the music is good? So, if you like cheerful rock music, a little bit sweet and pop, this might be just what you need for spring.

This is it for now. Enjoy, and stay updated with our blog!

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