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Apparently, procrastination is the thing nowadays. I think it has always been this way, in all epochs—today we just have more sophisticated and interesting ways to procrastinate. Since many of us work or study using computers, it is logical that many of us procrastinate by browsing websites; these websites commonly times have little or no correlation with what we are supposed to do (otherwise it would not be procrastination, right?).

But what if I told you that procrastination might be useful and interesting? Like “I have a deadline tomorrow—that sucks, but at least I learned something new.” Here is a short list of websites for you; I hope it will help you enjoy your procrastination a bit more, and feel less guilty about it.

1. Stikk.
This website is great for making to-do lists. Like, when you finally make a decision to change something in your life, you definitely need a colorful and inspiring to-do list, right? Well, Stikk can provide you with it.

2. Spreeder.
“Of course, I would study more effectively if I could read faster.” That’s what many students say to themselves, or to other people. Spreeder will help you fulfill your dream—just keep in mind that after you learn to read faster, you will have less excuses for not studying well.

3. Duolingo.
If your dream is to study foreign languages, you need Duolingo. If you have already used Spreeder for a while, the better for you!

4. UnPlugTheTv.
This is great news for all those who procrastinate by watching TV. Instead of the next season of Game of Thrones (which is exciting, but not contributing to your education) you might want to check out this constant stream of educational and/or informational YouTube videos. Education at its best!

5. Skills for Change
This one is good if you want to do something useful, but have no idea what you would like to do about it. Skills for Change wants you to do one thing: input some of the skills you possess. Then, it finds small tasks that correspond with the information you provided, and voila—you can volunteer and finally do something useful.


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