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vintage teacherIn my mind, the single-most important aspect of receiving good grades in school for English or writing courses/classes is understanding what teachers want.

Here is a list of what I believe, as an instructor of the English language and writing, is the most important things to a teacher when assessing whether or not a student is good.

1. You are understandable.

Many students think if they insert complicated words and phrases in their writing, they will sound smarter. This habit annoys teachers and they can usually see through your style and see a mess underneath.

Teachers like when a piece of writing is easy to read and clear in its ideas.

2. You are organized.

Teachers are extremely particular about how you organize your information, even if it does not matter too much for the type of paper or piece of writing you work on. Most teachers stress on a logical flow between thoughts with proper transitions and having a clear beginning-middle-end sequence.

3. You do exactly what they tell you to do.

This may seem a bit obvious, but a lot of students like to be “innovative” and make up their own rules of how a writing assignment should be written for class. Another common problem is students often forget to check and proofread their work after it has been completed to see if it matches the requirements of the instructor.

Also, teachers like to be respected. If you show them respect by doing exactly what they want you to do, they will definitely appreciate it and will give you higher grades.

These are the basic points of how to get on a teacher’s good side when writing a paper for them. Keep these in mind when writing your next assignment and your grades will improve automatically.

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