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If you are like me, you must have felt a desire to become a renowned writer. The recipe is easy: write a brilliant story or novel, send it to a publishing house, and wait for recognition and cash flow. However, reality is kind of different, so becoming famous among your supposed audience may (and will) be more difficult. writer's audience

I remember how I started. Of course, sending my writing straight to the publishing houses did not help at all—in the best case, they would send me a polite letter of rejection. Looking for people who might know people (trying to make useful acquaintances) did not help a lot either. Before I finally figured out what could have helped me to get known for my writing, and actually gain an audience, more than two years passed. Here are some of my personal experiences:

1. Share your writing through social media. Thank God we don’t live in Medieval times, so the Internet is a great help. Facebook, Live Journal, Reddit, MySpace, and other similar platforms are perfect as a starting ground for publishing your works. Be prepared, however, that not all of your friends will immediately rush into reading your opuses and share them. Fortunately, there are tons of literary groups that you can join to spread your writing. Make the maximum use of them.

2. Send your writing to literary contests. It is perhaps the easiest way to achieve recognition—if you win, of course. Different contests offer various prizes for winners, starting from cash and ending with publishing your book. And anyways, contests are a good way to make your name known to a wider group of people.

3. Look for literary cafes in your city, and go to them. Such cafes—as well as bookstores—often host literary evenings where young writers and poets meet to read their works aloud, listen to critics, and make friends with colleagues. Personally, I find it to be one of the most productive ways of self-promotion and developing one’s writing skills, since the critique of other people is positive motivation to work on your writing.

4. Start a blog, or try to become a blogger in a periodic press, or on a website. This way you’ll kill two birds with one stone: self-promote and earn money. A paid blogger in a periodic press is as close to a professional writer as you can imagine.

These are some of the tips that I find useful on the difficult path to becoming a renowned writer. Everything is possible, and even if you don’t feel like making any significant progress, the very fact that you don’t give up and keep moving means a lot. Perseverance is a great quality for a writer to have.

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