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By Bhalachandra Sahaj

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Hi everyone.

As I have already said many times, I do not believe in writer’s block. It is true though that there may be different circumstances that do not let you move on with your writing. These circumstances are usually temporary, but sometimes we need a kickstarter, something that will make us write immediately. Cheesy methods like, “Read something inspiring,” or “Open your mind to new ideas” do not work, or work seldom. Instead, here are some ways to jump into writing right away:

  1. Start writing about whatever random thing comes to your mind. Do not think about word choice, phrasing, or grammar; most importantly, do not think about the value or meaning of what you are going to write. Just pour the words out of your mind on paper. Our minds work through associations, and rather soon, your blabbing will turn into something more constructive.
  2. Ask yourself “What if..?” often. Very often. Whatever thought comes to your head after this question is worth thinking over. What if people had wings? What if all people in the world locked themselves up in their rooms? What if people had a right for violence? What if you were of the opposite gender? Questions like these usually lead to new questions, and answering them can result into a story.
  3. Write about your misfortunes, stress, a broken heart, anything. Rant on it. All people are good at ranting, especially when it comes to their personal problems. If your life is all unicorns and rainbows, rant on how hard it is for you to write.

Kickstarting is not the same as “writing well.” To kickstart one’s writing means to warm up your writing capabilities. Think of it as starting a car during a frosty winter. If you start it and try driving immediately, it will most likely stall; however, if you warm up your engine, you will have no problems with driving. These exercises work in the same way.

Good luck!

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