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Hi everyone!

I bet you have noticed before that a good book is written in different speeds. When the situation is dynamic or dramatic, everything gets faster, and you can feel the tension of the moment being described; when there is a calmer or a neutral moment, the pace of the book decreases, and you can enjoy the author’s explanations, descriptions, or the characters’ dialogues without any rush.

A proper pace is the secret to a well-crafted piece of creative writing. When you learn how to control it, your writing will improve instantly. Fortunately, maintaining the pace of your story is not such a difficult task as it might seem.

Whenever you want to convey to your readers such sensations as fear, tension, anger, anxiety, as well as to make them feel the dynamics of the moment, start writing in shorter sentences—much shorter than you usually do. This applies both to the author’s words and to dialogues. Make sure that in an intense situation your characters don’t speak as if they were on a stroll; employ short words, exclamations, and perhaps even the vocabulary they normally wouldn’t use.

It is a good idea to write in shorter paragraphs as well when writing about dynamic moments.

On the contrary, whenever you want your readers to calm down, feel the atmosphere, or when you want to convey sensations of boredom, awaiting, relaxation, and so on, write in normal or even in long sentences; longer paragraphs saturated with descriptions also serve the purpose of slowing your writing down.

A good writer knows how to use pace, and uses both fast-paced and slow-paced styles of writing equally. This is how you can easily lively up your writing. Master pace, and this skill will serve you well in future.

Enjoy your writing!

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