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So, my previous post was dedicated to some of the guidelines you might use to diversify your writing process, make it more fun, and so on. Today I am going to keep up with the noble task of saving you, my dear readers, from writer’s block. Thus, here are some more methods you might use to mix up your writing routine. break your writing routine

1. Many of us have their own preferred little things regarding writing, our talismans. In other words, something we believe helps us focus, generate ideas, look for words, etc. It may be a favorite pen you wrote your first successful novel with; an old laptop you won from your first literary contest; a leather skin notebook your wife gifted you on your third date when she learned you’re a writer; a bench in a park where you kissed, and so on. However, not so long ago, I discovered that these habitual things contribute to the matter of making me stiff. I mean, I no longer pay attention to them; they inspire me no longer, they don’t make me feel in a special way. It’s like going to a park, sitting on a bench, opening your leather skin notebook, and writing in it with a pen. Nothing unusual.

What helps me out is an intentional changing of these things. Without giving them up, I may refuse addressing to them for a while. Instead of a park, I’d go to a cafe; instead of using an ink pen, I’d write with a pencil on a random sheet of paper (or using a laptop); instead of sitting on the bench I mentioned, I’d rather go to a rooftop of some skyscraper. You won’t believe how much it helps sometimes! I guess our brains get used to work under certain circumstances. But, even small changes make it confused, and it starts seeking new ways of functioning that would be optimal for the changed conditions.

2. If writing for you is some kind of work (well, it is for the many of us, but I mean the typical attitude like, “Oh, hell, it’s Monday again), then probably you have a specific time and place where you write. Like, you go to a living room, and sit there for 5 hours in a row, with an outcome of 10 pages. And repeat it for years. Isn’t it annoying, boring, and old-fashioned? Trust me, such an approach negatively affects your writing capabilities. Why don’t you become more casual? Carry something to write down your thoughts with you, and instead of making yourself do the daily writing, take walks around the city, visit galleries, and so on. This way you will feed your mind with new impressions, and will be able to note down everything that’s going on immediately. Of course, I don’t mean you have to give up your writing schedule forever. But, such shifts are useful, as they make you refreshed and productive.

3. This one is more like a game than a serious method, but all means are good when fighting for your own creativity, right? So, what I propose is to arrange small challenges for yourself, and a symbolic reward for accomplishing each of them. For example, it may be something like, “Use alliteration 20 times per page throughout a chapter,” or “Write a whole page using no words with the letter “e.” You can make up whatever challenges you like—just make sure not to spoil your writing. Anyways, this is a good way to stimulate your brain through a game; in fact, this way you can entertain yourself and bring something new to your writing simultaneously. Personally, I don’t do it often, but it helped me to get out of writer’s block several times.

Well, these are a few methods to break your daily writing routine. Feel free to invent your own ones and share them in the comment section of this post. Just remember that observing yourself, your occupations, routines, and thoughts, can be a great help in terms of dealing with writer’s block, getting rid of useless habits, and changing things you don’t like. Stay with us—more is coming!

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