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Hi everyone.

Have you ever paid attention to your workplace? I mean not the one in your office or college (I am guessing for many of you, writing isn’t your primary profession), but the one where you write. Maybe to some of you, it will sound strange, but I strongly believe the state of my workplace directly affects the quality of my writing.

Posting a photo would make a perfect description, but I have two reasons to describe my workplace in words. The first reason is that I am a writer, not a photographer (and I don’t understand bloggers who say they are writers, but post tons of images instead of making descriptions). The second one is that describing my workplace is super-simple: it is empty.

Besides my laptop and a teacup, there is absolutely nothing on the table where I usually write. No books, papers, phones, lampshades, and other stuff that people tend to keep on their desks. For some reason, anything that does not relate to writing distracts me: instead of focusing on my writing, I start thinking about things I need to do, or get immersed into memories, or get distracted by mental associations launched by items in my eyesight.

But at the same time, I guess it’s all individual; my best friend, who is a writer as well, is opposite to me: his workplace reminds of fossil deposits, or ancient archaeological layers. I mean, there is no such household or stationery item you couldn’t find on his table! But he says it’s okay for him to work like this, and I bet it is true, ‘cause the stories he writes are pretty good.

And what about you? Do you have any specific habits regarding your workplace and surrounding? You can post photos of it, or describe it in the comments.

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