Analytical Essay Examples

Analysis essays are one of the more difficult essays to work on due to their technical nature. Check out our samples of analysis essays to understand more about how to write one of your own.

Analytical Essay Guide - What You Need to Know

If you are reading this, you have probably been given an analytical essay written in a few days. And what’s most likely, you have no idea where to start. That’s cool though — you can’t remember how to write every type of essay, can you? And we are here to help!

Below we included a guide that may help you make the writing process a bit easier. We will discuss what is an analysis essay, how it is structured, and provide you with a step-by-step tutorial of compiling a text of your own.

What is an Analytical Essay Example

Okay, we know that you might have an idea of what an analytical essay is. However, let’s clarify its definition to make everything totally clear. 

An analysis (or analytical) essay is a type of writing where you choose a subject and present arguments or claims about it. You are highlighting and examining the main details of the chosen topic. So, basically, analyzing it. So, say you decided to talk about Ryan Gosling’s acting career. Then, your analysis essay will be concentrated on depicting the history behind his acting, maybe his learning, and how it influenced his way of presenting himself in his characters. 

Note though, that, as much as you liked or disliked (that also happens) Mr. Gosling, you will need to present both positives and negatives of his acting. Analytical essays always include both sides of the argument to make the examination full. And, of course, as it is an essay after all, you will have to include your own opinion, saying whether you agree with the presented analytical data or not. 

The Best Topics to Choose for Your Essay Analysis Example

Before starting writing your paper, what you need is a good topic. Not everything will be suitable to be discussed in the analysis essay. The choice will, of course, firstly depend on the course you are writing for: is it Psychology? Economics? Art history? Acting. You pick your poison in the specific niche. 

There can be a lot of topics. To choose the one that won’t be so daunting to write, consider the following:

  • Ask yourself what subject you are genuinely interested in and would want to analyse a bit deeper
  • After that choose the least niche ones, which won’t be exciting for you solely, but for your audience as well
  • Make sure you are not choosing a broad topic – don’t make it harder for yourself
  • Do a little research and see if there is enough evidence for you to present

Your final choice should not only be captivating, but it also should pose an important question, or be the one to open an interesting discussion.

Creating an Outline for Your Analysis Essay Example

Now, you know what an analytical essay is and you have a topic you want to discuss in front of you. What’s the next move? Yes, an outline. This is a universal step you will see in all analytical essay examples and for all paper types in general. It will help you keep both your thoughts and research on track. 

Below is an outline example of analysis paper:

1. Introduction Paragraph

  • Hook (to grab the reader’s attention)
  • Background details
  • Thesis statement (what you will be analysing in the following parts)

2. Body Paragraphs – usually there’s 3 of them, but sometimes there can be as many as you need. They all follow the same structure though:

  • Topic sentence (the aspect you will be discussing)
  • Supporting evidence
  • Transition to the next part

3. Conclusion – goes after the last body paragraph and includes:

  • Summary of major presented points
  • Restating of the thesis statement
  • Key noteworthy points

Part-By-Part Writing: Analysis Paper Example 

After you created the outline, you can start filling it up with information. It’s better to start with introduction as you thesis statement will give course to your text in general. Remember, that thesis must be clear and underline the primary subject of your essay. If you look at analytical essay examples, you will see right away where the thesis part is stated. Taking the topic of the Ryan Gosling’s acting, the thesis statement would be something like this:

“Ryan Gosling’s multifaceted acting prowess transcends typical Hollywood archetypes, as he seamlessly blends vulnerability with intensity, making him a standout in a variety of roles ranging from indie dramas to mainstream blockbusters; an analysis of his performances in ‘Blue Valentine’, ‘La La Land’, and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ showcases this unique dynamism.”

The last sentence can already be used as a transition to the body paragraphs. Each of them will be dedicated to the analysis of Nr. Gosling’s performances in three mentioned movies: “Blue Valentine”, “La La Land”, and “Blade Runner 2049”. For the first body paragraph discussing the first film the topic sentence may go like this: “In ‘Blue Valentine’, Ryan Gosling masterfully embodies the complexities of love and loss, using nuanced facial expressions, body language, and vocal inflections to convey a raw, unfiltered portrait of a relationship in turmoil.”

After that you follow the structure of body paragraphs which was stated in the outline. After you are done with the 3d paragraph, you can move on to writing a conclusion.

Here, you will restate your thesis, the  summary of the discussed points, and your comment regarding the significance or influence of your analysis:

“Drawing upon a diverse range of roles and films, Ryan Gosling’s acting style emerges as one marked by depth, versatility, and an unparalleled ability to navigate the emotional spectrum of his characters. Whether it’s the agonizing rawness he brings to “Blue Valentine” or the distinct portrayals in other films like “La La Land” and “Blade Runner 2049”, Gosling consistently showcases a commitment to his craft that goes beyond mere performance. His unique blend of vulnerability and intensity not only challenges Hollywood’s typical archetypes but also resonates with audiences, offering a genuine human connection. In an era saturated with fleeting cinematic experiences, Gosling’s enduring performances stand as a testament to the transformative power of authentic storytelling.”


What is an example of analytical essay?

An example of an analytical essay would be a piece analysing a movie, a book, or a particular author. For example, if you decided to analyse a writer, your essay may examine their writing style, how it is presented in their literary work, and maybe how they influenced the literature of that time.

Is an analytical essay the same as an argumentative essay?

No, these two types of writing are not the same, even though they might seem similar. The main difference is that analytical essays are more balanced and neutral in their depiction of the topic, while argumentative writing is meant to create a debate between differing sides.

What are good introductions for analytical essays?

A good introduction is the one that gives the reader a quick look into what you will be discussing and where your arguments will be directed. There should be a thesis statement, and a short summary of the following points that will be examined in the essay. Here’s an example:

“In the roaring twenties, America was a whirlwind of jazz, prosperity, and ambition. Yet, nestled in this era of opulence was a yearning for something more, a search for identity and purpose amidst the glittering façade. This very sentiment is encapsulated in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s magnum opus, ‘The Great Gatsby’. Did you know that despite its iconic status today, ‘The Great Gatsby’ was not a commercial success during Fitzgerald’s lifetime? Such an intriguing history parallels the novel’s exploration of dreams versus reality. This essay aims to dissect Fitzgerald’s profound critique of the American Dream, asserting that he not only highlights its allure but also its inherent emptiness. The analysis will delve into the characters’ tumultuous pursuits and the eventual realization that the shimmering dream might be just out of reach.”

What is a good sentence starter for an analysis?

You give a point that you need to analyse. To emphasize the fact that you moved to the examination part, use sentence starters such as:

  • This fact reveals
  • This shows/demonsrates/means
  • This illustrates/highlights/exemplifies
  • One can see from this/ Upon closer inspection, one can discern
  • In examining the text/fact, it becomes apparent that…
  • It is noteworthy that this employs…
  • When analyzed critically, this indicates….

What are the three main elements of an analytical essay?

The classic structure of an analytical essay includes the following three e;ements: an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

What are three analytical examples?

Analytical examples often involve breaking down a topic or idea into its components/poimts to better understand its grand total. They can be used ib various contexts. Here are three most popular examples:

1. Literary analysis

Topic: The theme of deception in William Shakespeare’s “Othello”.

Analysis points: Iago’s manipulation of Othello and other characters, using lies to fuel Othello’s jealousy. Desdemona’s perceived deceit, which becomes a tragic misunderstanding. The contrast between appearance and reality, highlighted by dramatic irony where the audience knows more than the characters.

2. Film analysis

Topic: The use of color in Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Analysis points: The pastel colors, especially the pink of the hotel, which reflect a nostalgic and romanticized past. The shift to darker colors during conflict scenes, indicating a change in mood and tone. The consistent symmetrical framing combined with vibrant color palettes that become a signature of Anderson’s storytelling style.

3. Data analysis in Business studies

Topic: Factors contributing to a decline in quarterly sales for a retail company.

Analysis points: Examination of external economic factors, like a recession or increased competition. Analysis of internal factors, such as supply chain disruptions, marketing strategies, or changes in product quality. Surveys and feedback from customers revealing their changing preferences or dissatisfaction with certain products or services.

What is an analytical sentence example?

An analytical sentence is used to break down or examine a specific topic into its elements for a deeper understanding. For example, here’s an analytical sentence about  Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”:

“While many perceive ‘Frankenstein’ as a simple horror tale, Shelley’s intricate use of narrative framing underscores the complexities of responsibility and the consequences of unchecked ambition, as evidenced by Victor Frankenstein’s gradual descent into madness and the creature’s struggle for acceptance.”