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🔥 published March 21, 2023 - updated May 29, 2023

Artificial intelligence is now one of the most discussed topics not only in the digital world but also outside of it. ChatGPT hype heated up the discussion around AI even more. Its revolutionary technology for text generation raised many hopes, especially in students. After all, if you can ask AI to answer any question and write anything for you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that opportunity and use it to finish one of your essays? 

However, having great technology at your disposal doesn’t mean that it will be decently adapted to your needs. So, we decided to check which AI-powered services would be most helpful for your academic writing purposes. After all, you shouldn’t waste your time on a website that can’t handle even basic requests. That’s why we came up with the top list of the best AI content writing platforms, powered by GPT-3.5, that could definitely boost your creative efforts and generally help to bring your ideas to life. You can also have a look at our buying guide for selecting the best AI essay generator. See How We Test AI Essay Writers for more details about our testing approach.

TOP services Our verdict A*Help score 🔥 Updated May 2023
Service icon
Best quality paper 82.5/100 Read review Visit website
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Most accessible 81.6/100 Read review Visit website
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Best document analysis 79.4/100 Read review Visit website
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Best variety of features 77.6/100 Read review Visit website
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Best for essay generation 77.21/100 Read review Visit website

Reviewing AI Writing Software: The Unique Evaluation of Technology

Judging whether AI is good or bad for your academic writing is subjective. Nonetheless, if the judgment is based on observations and counts objective factors then it can be considered to be a fair analysis. That’s the approach that our A*Help team chose when reviewing AI essay writing services. 

We wanted to see which website would allow you to easily create text, that you could finalize by putting in less time and effort. We took three main aspects into our focus: overall experience, value for money, and paper quality. We considered how easy it was to register and use the text generator, how pleasant and native the general interface was, whether there were any helping guides or support channels, and how much time you could expect to spend using the platform. Aside from that we also analyzed the available features, subscription options, and the diversity of opportunities for text creation.

To see how each platform works and estimate the benefits of using these toolkits, we decided to give the same task instructions to every AI-driven text generator. The requirement was to create a 550 words personal essay about the event or experience exemplifying gratitude. Of course, we couldn’t skip checking the quality of the produced papers. We collected all the texts and sent them out to our partner US college professor, Dr. Sybil Low so that she would assess the results according to the generally accepted grading system. The works that ended up below the 60/100 pts grading limit we perceived as unsatisfactory. In addition, we also looked at whether the text was structured, formatted, and outlined in a way that would fit its submission.

Professor Low shared her thoughts about the specifics of her grading of those AI-generated essays that we fed to her:

“I wanted to note that, despite some of the essays getting acceptable marks, I wouldn’t expect them to do well in one of my actual classes. To me, most of the texts are pretty vague, with rather unbelievable, generic stories. However, because the essays cannot be interpreted as responses to a cue that requests strong proof of personal involvement with the circumstance described, I am not grading on this element of my standard requirements.”

After such thorough research, we do the quick math and evaluate the general A*Help score of the reviewed AI services. We used these points as the main criteria when creating this top list. 

The Choice of The Number 1 AI Essay Writer: Best Solution

Best AI Text Generator for Essay Writing: TOP Services Review

Having scanned through the outcomes of our mystery shopping experience, we have found the platform to fit best into the role of the go-to choice among AI essay writing services. And this winner is There couldn’t be a way that a site with an almost-perfect overall experience, ready-to-submit text formatting, and the highest paper quality would land anywhere below the 1st placemark in our rating. 

Top List of AI Writing Generator Tools

Based on the results received during our investigation, we created the following list of the best AI writing software options: Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

If you got intrigued by CHatGPT, wait till you find out about This is an AI-powered content creation tool that positions itself as an academic engine that seemingly can help students with anything they need from essay writing to coding, math, and science questions.

Our research showed that this platform ensures students get a nearly-excellent overall experience. An aesthetic and user-friendly interface and simple creation flow without any limits made a big contribution to this fact. Writing our essay was also quite quick – it only took us 1 minute to get the right amount of words.

After the evaluation by our partner professor, our personal narrative generated by received 90.2/100 pts. The essay was noted with 100% spelling, punctuation, clarity, and acuity. The only problematic aspect was efficiency, marked with 51%. 

Here’s a breakdown of the paper results:

“SCORE 90.2/100 pts. Document formatting is great! {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (97%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 97% (spelling 100%, grammar 97%, punctuation 100%, word choice 89%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 82% (efficiency 51%, acuity 100%, clarity 100%, objectivity 79%).”

It is worth mentioning that the platform allows structuring and formatting for the writing. It also includes a list of related references along the way. The only thing that it skips on is the creation of an outline.

The value-for-money index was also satisfactory. The service offers a free trial with the 5k characters limitation for any creative efforts. It only cost us $9.99 to get extensive access to the whole toolkit. Caktus offers quite a pool of useful services that are not limited to text generation only, but also include an in-text citation creator, reference finder, grammar checker, and features, not related to writing, like math and science problem solver. received the top score among all the reviewed AI platforms, as such receiving its fairly-earned 1st place in our A*Help rating. 

The Good
  • Extensive toolkit
  • Quick essay creation
  • Cheap unlimited subscription plan
  • High-quality essay writing
The Bad
  • Tight free plan
  • Can’t use without registration

Notion.AI Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality
81.6 is a website that positions itself as a connected workspace. Here you can create to-do lists, schedule tasks, and use AI to help you find information. We decided to test whether this platform could be a website that writes essays for you as well. And we weren’t disappointed.

In terms of providing an enjoyable overall experience, the platform did almost everything it needed to. We couldn’t try out its services before registering, but we didn’t mind it as the signup process was swift and simple. You can use your Apple or Google account to make it even easier. The interface is manageable. Still, there are guides to introduce you to the features and explain how everything works. Notion also provides clear text generation. For us, it took only 3 minutes to create the needed essay.

The assessment of the narrative, created by the platform, showed that it deserved to be marked with 87.6/100 pts. 100% went to the text’s grammar and spelling. Other high indexes (92%-98%) were for acuity, word choice, and punctuation. What could use some improvement is objectivity (54%).

Here are the full results of the essay’s evaluation:

“SCORE 87.6 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (98%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 98% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 98%, word choice 92%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 78% (efficiency 84%, acuity 92%, clarity 83%, objectivity 54%).”

Before submitting the text for grading, we needed to do some patching ourselves. The essay was given to us in a simple format with a paragraph structure. We could do a bit of formatting directly on the platform, but other than that there weren’t many opportunities to create a decent-looking document. 

Notion Ai writing platform doesn’t have a lot of services that could be helpful for the completion of your academic text. There’s only an AI chat and a grammar checker, which, on the other hand, still can improve your writing. The good news is, you can use the benefits of this platform completely for free, with only a limit of 20 AI responses per month. There are three different monthly plans, the choice of which depends on your purposes. The price starts at $10/month, and the priciest subscription is $20/month.

This AI platform may not be exactly created for essay writing, but its ability to produce nicely done texts in just a few minutes is undeniable. That’s why we place this service as the second participant in our rating.

The Good
  • Quality produced essay
  • Quick text creation
  • User-friendly interface
The Bad
  • A small list of features
  • Can’t try without registration Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Don’t know how to work with samples? Or do you have an example of the essay you need to write but still don’t know how to start? Let handle that for you. This AI service is dedicated to working with the content of the documents and using that analysis to your advantage. 

The website doesn’t have a much recognizable design but still provides a clear user experience. All you need to do is to upload your file and start working with an AI assistant through the chat. The only limitation is that the document can’t be longer than 20 pages. The analysis and text creation based on your sample won’t take too long. We created a new personal narrative in only 1 minute.

Our essay got an 89.9/100 grade from the assessing professor. Grammar and word choice received the highest result of 100%. The writing was also almost perfect in terms of clarity and gained 99% for this aspect. The main issues were with formatting, as there were problems with page headers, and with the noticeable redundancy of thoughts/sentences. 

The essay’s full analysis for your closer look:

“SCORE 89.9 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: page header. |Observations:| Quite redundant in places. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 96% (spelling 90%, grammar 100%, punctuation 95%, word choice 100%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 77% (efficiency 51%, acuity 70%, clarity 99%, objectivity 87%).”

With Humata it’s also easy to submit text as there are opportunities for structuring, outlining, formatting, and adding references to the text.

The service offers to try its features for free. This way you will be able to process up to 60 pages and get access to new tools as well. However, if you feel like that plan won’t cover your needs, you can pay $14.99 for a Pro subscription, and don’t worry about uploading too many documents at all. Regardless of which way of platform usage you choose, you will be able to use AI chat for numerous purposes including citation creation and finding references. 

Considering fine paper results, firm overall experience, and expedient value for money, we place in 3d place on the list.

The Good
  • Extensive free plan
  • AI chat assistant that can do anything you ask it to
  • Good paper quality
The Bad
  • Can only work based on uploaded documents
  • Inconvenient text submission Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Sometimes, you may need more than just essay generation. is the AI service that can become one of those all-in-one solutions for you. It combines all the writing essentials from text creator to plagiarism evaluation. More isn’t always better though. So, we decided to check how well Smodin adapted such a vast toolkit. 

We had a great experience working with the website. It’s simple but interestingly designed, with every feature on display. There’s no option to try out any of the tools before registration. However, the signup process is quite quick and easy and even allows you to use your Google account to enter. The essay creation flow is also smooth. It doesn’t take much time to figure out how to interact with the platform and the generation process only took us 5 minutes. There are some limits regarding the size of the produced text, but they differ from 300 to 10000 words depending on the subscription plan.

The personal narrative that we created with the help of Smodin AI writer, after a thorough professor’s evaluation, got 81.8/100 pts. A 100% mark was given to the text’s grammar and spelling. Another great result was seen in clarity (96%). Three aspects received only 51%. Those were efficiency, acuity, and objectivity.

The full evaluation is presented below:

“SCORE 81.8 out of 100. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (98%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 96% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 91%, word choice 91%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 62% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 96%, objectivity 51%).”

We did get a chance to organize our already structured writing according to the formatting requirements. We didn’t need to add references, but does offer to do that on its website. That’s why we would say that it doesn’t provide ideal conditions to organize your text according to possible requirements.

The value for money also showed to be reasonable. The platform offers a great variety of features, such as an AI chat, research assistant, citation, and reference creators, and a plagiarism check. The only card missing for the full house is the grammar analyzer. There’s a free trial that offers you to test out the AI’s rewriting and plagiarism detection elements, but with a text limitation of 1000 characters. For full access, you will have a choice of two different plans: $10 monthly for essential, and $29 monthly for productive subscription. With annual payment, there’s a small discount for both options. lands 4th in our rating, based on its capability to provide helpful and quality service.

The Good
  • Great variety of tools
  • Good-quality writing
  • Easy-to-use website
The Bad
  • Limited free trial
  • No trying before registration

Service logo

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Updated: May 2, 2023. added some paid options and features so we adjusted our top list accordingly

The appearance of ChatGPT contributed to the rise of AI-powered platforms, and became one of them. Powered by OpenAI’s language model, this website offers to help you fight off writer’s block using the power of AI technologies. What makes it even a more perfect fit for the role of your right hand in the studying process, is that it’s optimized for academic writing purposes

The overall experience provided by the service was nearly excellent. The simple and smart interface only made Textero look more sophisticated and ensured ease of use. The registration process is quick and allows you to sign up with the help of a Google account. The text generation process is as optimized as it gets. Just fill out the form provided by the website with the relative instructions, wait for 2 minutes, and you have a ready-made piece of writing that includes all the needed references and citations. If you face ay problems or have any questions along the way, you can contact the platform’s support via email, or describe the issue right through your profile.

The personal essay that we generated with the help of Textero gained 75.1/100 pts. Spelling and word choice received the highest scores of 97% and 91%. Punctuation and clarity didn’t land too far from those marks, both getting 88%. The lacking aspects were efficiency and objectivity, as they were only graded with 51% each.

Here’s a more details view of the essay’s results:

“SCORE 75.1 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: horizontal spacing; body header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: A little bit short (92%)—try to write somewhat more. {Mechanics:} 88% (spelling 97%, grammar 77%, punctuation 88%, word choice 91%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 64% (efficiency 51%, acuity 68%, clarity 88%, objectivity 51%)

Despite not getting a higher paper result, Textero’s work should be noted because of its perfectly adapted features, which cover everything from the choice of the essay format to the text’s outline and references. This will make it easier for you to work on your document and create a quality final paper. 

As the website is relevantly new, it doesn’t have a lot of services to offer aside from in-text citation creator, reference finder, and MLA and APA citation organizer. You can try out the toolkit for free with the limitation of 3000 words a month. If you are planning on using the service more, you can opt for the Unlimited plan for $16.99/month that gives you some extra benefits like 40 text summarization and Pro quality writing. 

As such, becomes the fifth AI platform in our rating.

The Good
  • Convenient to use
  • Always includes citations and references
  • Ready-made paper for text submission
The Bad
  • Limited choice of services
  • Pro text quality only with paid plan

Service logo Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality
77.2 is another great option that utilizes artificial intelligence to help you “write faster” and “sound smarter” as the website states. Their business-like interface inspired confidence in us so we decided not to skip on checking out this gem.

The website experience was nothing but great. Its unique aesthetic and well-organized workspace allowed for smooth platform use. The creation of an essay was also easy. However, you should consider that it can take up to 30 minutes to get the final text. There are no limits as to how long your document can be. But, Hyperwrite only generates around 100 words at a time, which is why it can take so long to get the final result. 

Following the professor’s evaluation, the essay we created using this platform got 83.5/100 pts. A great result, with 100% for spelling and clarity, and nearly-perfect punctuation marked with 97%. The main dropdown of points was seen in efficiency and acuity which only gained 51% and 54%.

To have a more full idea of the paper results, look at the analysis below:

“SCORE 83.5 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is great! {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (98%)—quote a bit less or write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 84% (spelling 100%, grammar 77%, punctuation 97%, word choice 61%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 71% (efficiency 51%, acuity 54%, clarity 100%, objectivity 80%).”

With Hyperwriteai it will also be easy to arrange your future text, as it gives you structured writing, with an option to apply relevant formatting. There’s an opportunity to ask AI to create an outline for your piece as well.

The website doesn’t offer much in terms of features, only an AI chat and a plagiarism checker. There’s a free plan though, that can help you decide if you are okay with such a toolkit. It covers the creation of 15 texts and rewrites, and 500 sentence suggestions. If that isn’t enough, you can always choose one of the monthly subscriptions either for $19.99 (premium) or $44.99 (ultra). Considering this, we can say that this service has a decent value-for-money index.

In general, did what we expected it to and finely eased off the essay creation process for us. As such it deserves to be put 6th on this list.

The Good
  • Smooth website experience
  • Great paper quality
  • Vast text creation options
The Bad
  • Small toolkit
  • Long essay-generation process

Service logo Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Based on its name, doesn’t seem like a good fit for those who look to create their essays using online platforms. However, this service not only does rephrasing or rewriting, but also does text generation, grammar analysis, plagiarism detection, and much more. 

The overall experience with the website was nearly perfect. The only part missing was instruction guides or a support chat that would introduce us to the service’s possibilities. The interface was so intuitive, though, that we easily figured out everything on our own. The essay generation only took 30 seconds and didn’t have any restrictions. 

As we received the results of our narrative evaluation, we saw that it got 77.3/100 pts. Not a bad grade at all. It received 100% for clarity, 91% for punctuation, and 89% for spelling. The lowest results were for efficiency, acuity, and objectivity, as all three were marked with 51%. There also was a mention of extensive use of cliches in the text. 

Here’s a detailed view of the essay analysis:

“SCORE 77.3 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; line spacing. |Observations:| Enormous use of clichés and hyperbole. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (97%)—quote a bit less or write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 82% (spelling 89%, grammar 80%, punctuation 91%, word choice 66%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 63% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 100%, objectivity 51%).”

As for the text generation, you can opt for special formatting, if needed, and referencing. The text is produced in paragraph structure. But if you need an outline or a specific format, you will have to do it yourself. 

Paraphrasingtool gathers many services on its platform. There’s an AI chat that can be asked any questions regarding your writing, grammar, and plagiarism checkers. There are many features related to different kinds of writings as well (e.g. blog posts, emails, or podcasts). However, the only thing you can try for free is paraphrasing. Other than that you have to choose one of the plans the website offers: either solo ($5-$15/month) or bundle ($16-$20). There’s also an option to download this AI tool as an app for Android or install it as a web extension.

As we analyzed all the aspects, we came to the conclusion that would fit best into the 7th place in this rating.

The Good
  • Can try without registration
  • Quick essay creation
  • Formatting and reference creation included
  • Varied toolkit
The Bad
  • Free plan only for paraphrasing
  • Limited features for academic writing

Service logo

Tinywow Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality
73.4, a platform that offers a selection of AI services to help you make your life easier. Whether it could actually be a helpful tool or not, we found out through our mystery shopping experience.

The service’s website is smartly designed. That’s why you won’t have any problems finding the needed features. And if for some reason, your experience doesn’t go as smoothly as you want it to, there’s a special chat to report bugs and add suggestions.The essay creation will also be easy here. In our case, it only took us 1 minute to receive the text we wanted. Note that Tinywow has a limitation of 500 words per generation. 

The essay came out pretty good, with an 84.2/100-point grade. We noticed 100% for spelling and clarity. Other high results were for punctuation (97%) and grammar (94%). Efficiency and acuity were the lowest here, with a 51% index for both.

For a more detailed description of the paper, follow the evaluation below:

“SCORE 84.2 OUT OF 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 94% (spelling 100%, grammar 94%, punctuation 97%, word choice 85%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 65% (efficiency 51%, acuity 59%, clarity 100%, objectivity 51%).”

You receive a paragraph-structured text, which can’t be edited on the platform in any way. So, if you need, you can download it in the .txt format to work properly on the arrangement of your assignment’s document. 

As for the value-for-money index, here the service could also use an upgrade. If you are looking for some tools to help you improve your generated writing, this platform can only provide you with a grammar check. What’s a great plus though, it’s the fact that you can use this AI website completely free of charge. You’ll see a lot of pop-up ads, and if you get tired of those, you can pay a $5.99 monthly fee to get rid of them.

Tinywow is not exactly an academic multitool, but it’s still a good option if you are mainly interested in getting free writing assistance. As such, it becomes the 8th AI service on our list.

The Good
  • Free to use
  • Intuitive website
  • Produces quality texts
The Bad
  • Website with ads
  • Doesn’t have many academic-help features review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Mostly associated with business, has been in the AI market for quite some time. We thought, as it positioned itself as a content creation tool, why couldn’t we use it to write a personal narrative as well? So we used our mystery shopping project to check whether this service could do as great of a job with writing narratives, as it did with writing blog posts.

The platform is highly recognizable by its unique aesthetics. It doesn’t make it any more complicated though. All the features can be easily found and accessed through your profile, which you need to create either way as Jasper can’t be used without it. To make your introduction to the website’s tool easier, the service offers guides, as well as support for its community and customer service. Nonetheless, the text creation process is mostly intuitive. It takes up to 5 minutes to receive a fully-generated essay as we did. 

The narrative that we got was graded 82.1/100 pts. The highest marks were for mechanics, with 100% for grammar, 97% for spelling, and 96% for word choice. The text also gained 96% for clarity. The main issues were efficiency, acuity, and objectivity.

Below is the breakdown of all the points:

“SCORE 82.1/100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (98%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 96% (spelling 97%, grammar 100%, punctuation 92%, word choice 96%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 62% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 96%, objectivity 51%).”

If you need an outline to submit the text, you can ask JasperAI to create one. However, formatting, referencing, and the organization of the text’s format all lay on your shoulders, as there are no ways to do all that on this website.

The service also has a relatively small toolkit for academic writing needs. There’s an AI chat, that can be asked any question, a plagiarism detection feature, and a grammar check. You can test some of the platform’s abilities during a 5-day trial, however, you will still need to subscribe to one of the plans to get that opportunity. There are three different subscription options and the price of each differs depending on the number of words you need to generate in a month. The lowest price here is $29/month. By getting a plan, you also open an option of installing a browser extension for quicker use of Jasper’s benefits.

In general, this service did a good job with our piece of writing. Still, there are options that fit more for academic help purposes, that’s why we put this website 9th on our list. 

The Good
  • Intuitive website
  • Quick text generation
  • High-grade writing
The Bad
  • Mostly suitable for business
  • A bit pricey

Service logo Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Ai-writer is another quick solution in the market of content generation. This one creates full-text articles and keeps them as relevant as they can get. Following these promises, we decided to create text of our own with the help of this platform.

AI-writer is pleasant and simple in its utilization. You can’t use it without registration but this process is optimized so it won’t take much of your time. The same applies to the writing generation. As the site is well-organized, it’s not much of a hassle to come up with an essay using its AI system and it only takes 2-4 minutes.

The task came out pretty well. Our professor marked it with 86.7/100 pts. The text received 100% for acuity, 97% for punctuation, and 96% for word choice. The low 51% went to efficiency and objectivity, still not messing up the final result completely. 

Here’s a breakdown of all indexes:

“SCORE 86.7 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is great! |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (98%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 93% (spelling 90%, grammar 90%, punctuation 97%, word choice 96%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 72% (efficiency 51%, acuity 100%, clarity 85%, objectivity 51%).”

The service also allows you to work less on the arrangement of your final document. The references are always included, and the article comes out structured by paragraphs. Other properties, like citations and formatting, have to be done on your own though. offers a few features that can be helpful in the academic field: a research assistant, in-text citation creator, and reference finder. A one-week free trial of the service comes alongside all plans, so either way, you will need to opt for a subscription to use the AI benefits.  The prices start at $29/month and end up at $375/month. The platform didn’t receive a bad value-for-money index, but it could definitely be better.

Having done all the calculations, we’ve come to the conclusion that this AI website should be placed in 10th place on this top list.

The Good
  • User-friendly
  • Well-generated piece of writing
  • Quick processing
The Bad
  • Small toolkit
  • Limited free trial review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Another writing service that’s powered by AI technologies is It looks like a platform purely designed for business purposes, as it offers to help with writing blog posts, email marketing, and sales copies. However, it can be used for essay generation as well and we tested that with our project.

If you decide to try out the platform, you should know that you can’t do that without registration. The signup process is easy though and allows you to get access through your Google account for even quicker profile creation. It also doesn’t take much time for an AI to finish the text. In our case, it was only around 5 minutes.

According to our partner professor’s assessment, the final personal narrative was graded 81.4/100 pts. The highest marks were given in the aspects of spelling (97%) and punctuation (96%). The lowest points (51%) were for efficiency and acuity.

To learn more, have look at the results presented below:

“SCORE 81.4 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is great! {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (99%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 86% (spelling 97%, grammar 68%, punctuation 96%, word choice 82%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 60% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 84%, objectivity 56%)”

The generated text follows the simple paragraph structure and can incorporate an outline and a list of references. So, the final arrangement of your paper won’t be that problematic for you when working with

Unfortunately, though, there are not many other services that you could use to improve your piece of writing, except for an AI chat. To learn whether Copy is what you are looking for, you can give it a go using a free trial with a 2000-word limit per month. If you need more than that but only for one assignment, as we did, a $15 daily pass can come in handy. Of course, you can also opt for monthly ($49) or annual ($36/month) subscription plans. 

The service has some aspects to work on, especially in terms of value for money. Still, it can create interesting writing pieces, and that’s why we couldn’t just skip this website and not place it as the 11th contestant in our rank. 

The Good
  • Easy to use
  • Fast creation flow
  • Well-written text
The Bad
  • Can’t try without a profile
  • Almost no additional features

Updated: May 4, 2023. added some new features so we adjusted our top list accordingly.

If the service can write blogs, emails, and story plots, how difficult can it be for it to write a personal essay? That’s what we thought when we visited, an AI-powered platform that, as it seemed, could create all kinds of texts. 

The overall experience received from using this website was satisfactory. We couldn’t try it without creating a profile, so we quickly signed up right away. The service offers a free trial with a generation limit of 10 000 characters/month. We decided to seize the opportunity and moved on to the creation of our personal narrative. The process was easy and it took us about 3-5 minutes to get the final paper. 

The generated essay was evaluated by our partner professor and received 77.9/100 pts. The greatest results were for spelling (100%) and punctuation (94%). What could be worked on was efficiency and acuity as they both were marked with 51%

For a more close view of the results, refer to the evaluation below:“SCORE 77.9 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; page header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (96%)—quote a bit less or write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 91% (spelling 100%, grammar 86%, punctuation 94%, word choice 84%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 62% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 87%, objectivity 61%)”

Sadly, doesn’t offer many options to make the text ready for submission. You can format it as per the requirements, but that’s it. The addition of referencing and citations would be very useful for those who want to get their academic writing in place.

What this website does provide, is the features like grammar check and plagiarism detection. This is not much but still can become of great help for articles, essays, and other kinds of similar assignments. If you decide to work with Rytr on a more constant basis, you can benefit from subscribing to one of the monthly plans: either Saver for $9/month, or Unlimited for $29/month. With an annual subscription to any of these options, you can get 2 months of free usage. 

Following our analysis, and considering all of the site’s specifics, we place 12th in our A*Help list. 

The Good
  • Opportunity to install browser extension
  • Active support chat
  • Extended free trial
The Bad
  • Use with signup only
  • Only for generating and rephrasing of the text
  • Can’t add references or outline

Service logo review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

When you are not completely sure what to write, but have an idea of where to start, you can turn to It’s like an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you complete your essay in no time.

We couldn’t try Jenni before registering. We didn’t hesitate to sign up though, because it only took us a couple of minutes. The aesthetics of the platform was pleasant to the eye, and that’s why it was also satisfying to use it for our narrative creation. The generation process with this service has its limitations. It only gives you 15-word long suggestions at a time. For this reason, we got a fully completed essay only after 10 minutes of work.

After the professor’s evaluation, we received our paper with 77.6/100 pts. 100% only was given for spelling. Good results were also noticed in terms of punctuation (93%). Word choice, efficiency, and acuity, all showed in the area of 51%.

To learn more about the paper results look at the analysis below:

“SCORE 77.6 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is great! {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (97%)—quote a bit less or write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 77% (spelling 100%, grammar 65%, punctuation 93%, word choice 51%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 64% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 82%, objectivity 73%).”

The given AI text can be formatted with headings, lists, and other additions. Moreover, you will also be able to add references to your writing. Unfortunately, that’s usually not all you need for the perfect arrangement of your paper. So, can help you out a little, but you will still need to work more on the organization of your final document. 

The platform has a versatile toolkit, that consists of in-text citations creator, MLA and APA style citation organizer, reference finder, and plagiarism checker. All these features can be of great use if you want to boost your academic writing efforts. This service can be used for free but there are limitations. If you feel like a free plan is not enough, you can opt for a monthly subscription that starts at $8/month for 3000 words. The more words you need the higher the price. 

Considering all of the aspects, we put Jenni in 13th place on our top list. This platform is a good choice if you need a helping hand and a few suggestions for your writing to get better.

The Good
  • Helpful introductory guides
  • A vast choice of subscription plans
  • A great choice of additional tools
The Bad
  • Can’t be used without registration
  • Longer text creation time

Service logo Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

EssayAILab is a simply-designed platform, dedicated solely to essay writing purposes. What we first saw was a taskbar, inviting us to share the title or topic of our narrative. So we took that invitation and moved on to testing.

The website itself has a plain interface, which makes it easy to use. You can start working on your essay right away, even without registration. But there is a word limitation to that kind of operation, that’s why after testing the waters a little bit you will have to create your profile anyways. From that point, you can generate text as much as you want. The process is simple, but it can take up to 10 minutes to come up with the full writing. 

EssayAIlab’s essay received a 76.7/100 pts grade. Of course, the mark could be higher, but it’s not a bad result. There were noticeably good indexes (93%-95%) in terms of punctuation, spelling, and clarity. Unfortunately, grammar and word choice were marked low, getting 51%.

Below is the full parsing of the essay’s grading:

“SCORE 76.7 out of 100. Document formatting is great! {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (97%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 73% (spelling 95%, grammar 51%, punctuation 93%, word choice 51%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 64% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 93%, objectivity 62%).”

You should also note that you will need to organize the text document yourself before submitting it. In Essayailab, the most you can do is add references to your document. This leaves formatting, structuring, and outlining your paper as your responsibility.

The value-for-money index turned out to be adequate. Surprisingly, this website offers a versatile selection of services, such as adding and organizing in-text citations, finding references, grammar checking, and detecting plagiarism. You can try using it for free. For a full experience, there are weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions, for $2.49, $9.95, and $59.40/per year. Compared to other options in the market, this one can be considered as cheap. wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be, but we think it can be used to suggest essay ideas or help you start your writing with a small paragraph. As such it enters as the 14th member of this rating.

The Good
  • Simple to manage
  • Cheap
  • Variety of additional features
The Bad
  • Can’t work on proper arrangement of the essay
  • Limited text creation options

Service logo


ChatGPT Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

ChatGPT has made quite a noise among the AI services with its revolutionary approach and technology. This platform offers to help with any kind of query, and essay writing is no exception. So we tested how good of a writer ChatGPT could really be.

This OpenAI platform is designed in the form of a chat. In this project we tested out GPT-3.5 version, and not the 4th one. The latest model is mostly in the testing stage and is not yet available to outside services.  ChatGPT has its unique interface and style, and despite that, it’s still easy to manage. You won’t be able to use this service without registering first.  After that, you will be able to use this service without any charge and limitations for the number of words.

After the evaluation, our personal narrative came back graded with 73.7/100 pts. All mechanics (from spelling to word choice) were marked with 100%. Another 100% was for clarity. The main issues occurred with formatting, especially with spacing. 

Here’s a comprehensive view of the paper’s grade:

“SCORE 73.7 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is fair, with room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; line spacing; body header; page header; font control.  {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Rather short (83%)—try to write more. {Mechanics:} 100% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 100%, word choice 100%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 88% (efficiency 60%, acuity 99%, clarity 100%, objectivity 95%).”

The final text came out structured in paragraphs. If we needed an outline or references for our essay, we could easily ask this AI system to create them for us. As such, ChatGPT can make your future task submission a bit easier by taking some of the work off your shoulders.

Despite the AI Chat that can find information, do any type of text manipulations, and create references, there are no other features available at this service. If you need to create a text both with references and citations, you can use the GPT’s mother platform – OpenAI.  

It was interesting to test ChatGPT’s writing abilities as it started the hype around AI in the first place. Our research showed though, that it’s not the best service for the creation of students’ essays. Technology is not a product. That’s why we put this one in the 15th place in the A*HELP ranking. 

The Good
  • Free to use
  • Quick & simple text generation flow
  • Includes references
The Bad
  • Can’t do citations
  • Average essay quality

Service logo Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality
62.4 is another online platform that also utilizes artificial intelligence to help you enhance your writing efforts. Here you can receive AI-generated suggestions, rephrasing help, and ask the system to complete the text for you. 

The platform allows you to give its services a try without any registration. Its minimalist interface makes it easier to find the right task bars and generally simplifies the essay creation flow. By the way, it only took us 10 seconds to receive a fully-completed personal narrative that we needed to write. 

After the professor’s analysis, the essay came down to 84.2/100 pts. There were 100% spelling and grammar, and 95%-06% punctuation and word choice. The low-grade results were only noted to be for efficiency (51%).

Below is the full assessment of our Essaygenius paper:

“SCORE 84.2 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; font control. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (96%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 98% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 95%, word choice 96%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 72% (efficiency 51%, acuity 88%, clarity 90%, objectivity 61%).”

However, with EssayGenius, you won’t be able to prepare your text for submission. You can format your test a little bit, but after that, you will have to add all the needed references, and  citations, and organize the document format yourself.

As for the value for money, this website has a lot to improve. There are no additional features except for a plagiarism checker. It’s great that you can at least have the option to run your text through this detector though. Luckily, if you only need to use this kind of service once, as we did, Essaygenius’s free trial fully covers the generation of one essay. Of course, if you look to work with the website regularly, you can subscribe either to a $9.99 monthly plan, or a $7.50/month annual plan.

With all this in mind, we put this service in the 16th place in our top list of AI essay writing platforms. 

The Good
  • Can be used without a profile
  • Fast text creation flow
  • Great paper score
The Bad
  • Only does 350 words at a time
  • Almost no selection of features

Service logo review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

Speedwrite is a trendy website, that has two modes: creative and original. The first one is stated to be best for generating personal statements and opinions. The second one works more like a rewriting tool that can boost already-written paragraphs making them look nicer. 

The website is not quite smartly-made. The interface is a bit off-putting because of all the pictures added to the screen. The platform is manageable but you can’t try using it before registration. As for the essay creation flow, it can get complicated. It’s hard to figure out how to get the system to remake its suggestions. Generally, the completion of our narrative took us 10 minutes, because you can only generate a few sentences at once. 

The text ended up earning 81.8/100 pts. An unexpectedly great result considering the specifics of the service. 100% were given for two aspects, spelling, and grammar. Punctuation was also marked to be good, as it earned 89%. Efficiency and objectivity were the lowest – 51% both. 

If you want a closer look at the results, they are included below:

“SCORE 81.8 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; line spacing; page header. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 92% (spelling 100%, grammar 78%, punctuation 89%, word choice 100%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 63% (efficiency 51%, acuity 76%, clarity 74%, objectivity 51%).”

If you are planning on using Speedwrite, take into account that you will have to work with the completed essay yourself before sending it for submission. This platform doesn’t support any kind of formatting, referencing, or outlining of the created piece.

The value for money was also a bit poor. Except for rephrasing and creative writing, this AI service doesn’t have any other features. Luckily, you can try using it for free before deciding whether to stick with it or not. As part of a free trial, you will be given 3 Original Speedwrites and 15 Speedwrite Creative opportunities. If after that you choose to work with the service, you can either pay $19.99 for a monthly plan, or $8.33/month for the annual subscription.

All in all, Speedwrite is not a completely bad AI platform, but we would say there are definitely better options. That’s why it was ranked 17th in our rating. 

The Good
  • Quality results
  • Different text creation options
The Bad
  • Unclear essay generation process
  • Poor value for money

Service logo Review

Value for money
Overall experience
Paper quality

The last service on our top list is, an essay writing and outlining platform that offers to help automate article creation processes. The website states to produce unique texts based on the analysis of quality written pieces.

The service is defined by an interesting interface, which, unfortunately, was quite buggy when we used it. It didn’t make the creation flow any worse though. We easily generated the essay we needed and it only took us a few seconds to do that. If you decide to work with this software, take into account that there’s a 1200-word limit on the document size you can create. Other than these small issues, the website experience was satisfactory.

The text creation, despite being fast, took us 6 tries to come up with a decent, in our opinion, text. The option we chose in the end and sent out to the professor received 81.8/100 pts. It was noted with excellent (100%) spelling and clarity, as well as good word choice, marked with 93%. The parts that could use improvement were efficiency and acuity, as they both got only 51%.

Here’s the detailed analysis of the paper results:

“SCORE 81.8 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header; font control. |Observations:| Great specificity in this essay. One sentence repeats verbatim, however. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 86% (spelling 100%, grammar 71%, punctuation 80%, word choice 93%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 69% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 100%, objectivity 74%).”

The-good-ai didn’t provide us with any opportunities to make our text look at least somewhat presentable. There were no options for formatting, referencing, or adding citations. As such, you have to consider that you will have to do the arrangement of your final paper from start to finish by yourself.

The value for money was also disappointing. The platform allows you to do different things with the writing, such as creating an outline, using autocomplete to write sentences for you, and rewriting the whole piece. You can try all of that for free, but you can do it only once for a 100-word sample. Luckily, the pricing plan is quite cheap. Unlimited access to the website’s full capacity only costs $5 a month. Still, there’s not much to use the service for, as its only feature is text generation.

Considering a poor value-for-money index, but an obviously great-quality generated essay, lands last in our ranking.

The Good
  • Pleasant overall experience
  • Quick essay generation
  • Good quality of text
The Bad
  • No features aside from writing creation
  • Highly limited free trial

The Main Point

The choice of AI software is not as easy as it seems. There are many factors that you need to consider if you want to pick a reliable and quality platform to work with. As it may be hard to take into account all the different aspects at once, our A*Help team decided to help you out and created this top list of the best AI websites. We’ve already considered and evaluated all the necessary features so you can just read through the review and make your pick. Still, keep in mind that AI-powered platforms are not perfect: they can include imaginary facts or add unverified information. So it’s always better to read through and critically analyze the produced text to only take those parts that will help make your work better.

Research scenario and methodology

Here is the task we asked to complete:

⭐ Personal Essay (2 pages)
🎓 Academic level: Undergrad. (yrs. 1-2)
✅ Paper format: MLA
⏰ Deadline: 6 hours
👉 Paper instructions:

For this assignment, you will be writing a personal narrative–a story–illustrating an event or experience exemplifying gratitude. In other words, share a colorful story about an experience or event for which–either during or after the event– you feel or felt thankful. An example might be writing about your experience as a senior in high school and the teacher who helped you to achieve your goal of graduating and attending college. Another example might be writing a story about your experience growing up in a rural community, acknowledging that it was this small, but mighty, community that made you who you are today, and for this, you are thankful. This assignment should be at least 550 words. Underline your descriptive thesis statement or the point of your story. No outside/secondary sources are needed. See Appendix C – Formatting and Submitting Your Work See Formatting your Essay: MLA 8th Edition

Buyer’s Guide: The Features to look for in AI Websites

You don’t necessarily have to use only one AI tool for writing purposes. There’s always an opportunity to switch services if you don’t like the features of your current website. When picking a new option, you need to be sure that it’s better than the last one. Paying attention to the following features will help you make the right choice.

Website Experience

Convenience is what you should look for in an AI writing service. It should be quick and easy to register, have a pleasant interface, and be a simple-to-use platform. You shouldn’t scratch your head over finding the necessary tool or generating your text. If there’s a chance to try out at least some of the features before creating an account, it’s a plus. This way you will know what you will be signing up to.

Order Flow

The compatibility of an order form with the specifics of your task is an essential aspect. It should be designed according to the customers’ needs and be easy to fill out. When you order a programming assignment, you need to be able to give a detailed description of the task, including its size, specific coding language, the discipline it belongs to, and the environment (if needed). You should also have an opportunity to upload any type of file without facing problems. In another case, you should be able to give your files to the support staff so that they attach them from their end.


Isn’t it better if you can use just one single platform to cover all your creative needs? That’s why you should pay attention to the variety of service options available at your disposal. Is there a grammar or plagiarism checker? Are there any features that can help you find needed references or create citations? The more features there are, the better of an investment the platform will be.

Free Trial

Trying before registering is one thing, but being able to use the website for free at least for some time is a whole other level. This will give you an even better opportunity to decide whether you like this AI generator or not before committing to a monthly plan. As such you won’t have to waste your money or time on a platform that can’t cater to your needs.

Text Generation

For many, text generation is the main purpose of using an AI-powered platform. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to how long it takes to generate a whole text or a part of it. This is where free trials will be very helpful. You should also look at the outcome: is the text properly structured? Is there an opportunity to do any formatting directly on the website? Does the AI add the needed references or not? After all, the better the website is adapted for text generation, the less time you will have to spend doing unnecessary work yourself.

Text Quality

When you decide to use an AI text generator to help you create your essays, you need to know that the chosen platform will be able to provide you with quality suggestions. Of course, it’s hard to tell whether you can receive a decent text from a particular service without trying to generate it. That’s where our reviews may come in handy, as we always include the analysis of the produced pieces of writing. So, don’t hesitate to read them through to know which platform will give you that top-notch assistance. However, even though AI has rapidly developed, its products (including texts) could still use a human touch. Also, note that giving prompt instructions always helps these programs to produce better results.


What is the best AI text generator?

The choice of the best AI platform for text generation purposes always comes down to your priorities and preferences. However, as our experience showed, the top choice is usually a website that combines different services and gathers them in one place. According to our A*Help rating, this service that can cover most of your needs is If you are looking for something more specific, you can check out other options mentioned in our reviews as well.

Is there a free AI text generator?

Yes, of course, there are free AI text generators. Many platforms don’t require any subscriptions or additional payments. Some websites also offer their new clients to test out some of the features during a free trial. Most of these solutions are mentioned in our top list. So be sure to check it out to find the AI service that will be most helpful for you.

Which AI model generates text?

Text generation is mainly the work of language models which use NLP (natural language processing) and deep learning to collect relevant data and produce writing of different kinds. One of the biggest companies that develop language models is OpenAI. Its latest launches were GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 AI.  Other popular language models include LamDa, used by Google, and LLaMA, adapted by Meta and its social media companies.

What is the best free AI?

To find the best free AI-powered platform you need to decide what exactly you are looking for, text generation, reference finder, rephrasing tool, or some other kind of service. The top choice will then depend on this purpose. Nonetheless, our team has found the two leading free-of-charge solutions that can create decent texts and include references and citations. These websites are and However, other options offer similar services at no cost. To learn more about them, read through our A*Help top list.

Is there an AI that can write essays?

Yes, there are AI essay writing services that can be easily accessed through the Internet. You can find them by typing “AI text generator” or “AI essay writer” into the search bar. Or, if you want to find the best option, you can read through our top list of best AI writing platforms. All the reviewed services can be used as helping tools for creating various types of texts and articles, including essays.

What is the best AI essay writer?

The choice of the best AI software for essay generation depends on what types of services you expect to get along the way. Some solutions only offer text generation and you won’t be able to find references or insert citations. They will be the best options for those who only need help with generating or formulating ideas but won’t be of much help to students looking for optimization of their homework efforts. To find a reputable website that will most closely cater to your needs and provide you with decent essays, refer to our A*Help top list.

Is there a free AI writer?

Yes, there are AI-powered writing platforms that can create articles, essays, and texts in general completely for free. Many of them are mentioned in our top list of best AI generation platforms. Reading through this rating will help you find the top solutions that won’t cost you a penny.

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Kathryn Brown May 23, 2023 should be in this list as its sole purpose is to write essays

Raheem Whitney April 15, 2023

I’m blown away by how many of them have come around and so quickly! My FOMO has just got stronger..

Shania Cochran April 8, 2023

So, when do we get a GPT-4 generated rom-com?

Keziah Raymond April 5, 2023

With the power of GPT-4, I can finally write my sci-fi epic about a world where AI text generators become sentient and start writing their own stories!

Annabel Villa April 3, 2023

I’m curious about the energy consumption of these AI text generators. Their servers must be huge. With models like GPT-4, is there an increased concern about their environmental impact?

Kristina Griffith April 3, 2023

I’m always amazed by the rapid progress OpenAI is making in the field of AI text generators. GPT-4 seems like a game changer!

Leyla Moran April 1, 2023

I wonder how these AI text generators will impact the job market. Will we see a rise in AI-generated content or will human writers still be in demand?

Marie Shaffer March 29, 2023

If GPT-4 can finally put an end to poorly written comments and emails, I’m all for it!

Paige Velasquez March 26, 2023

The advancements in AI text generators are impressive, but I worry about the potential for misuse, like spreading fake news or creating spam. Do these tools have any safeguards in place?

Sumayyah Castillo March 25, 2023

I’m curious how GPT-4 handles creative writing. It’s one thing to generate coherent text, but can it truly create something engaging and unique?

Craig Sanders March 24, 2023

Are you sure GPT-4 isn’t just a bunch of well-trained typewriters? Just kidding, it sounds pretty cool! Excited to see what it can do.

Anisha Hart March 24, 2023

I’m not convinced that AI text generators are all they’re cracked up to be. Sure, they’re good for simple tasks, but I doubt they’ll ever replace human writers.

Zakaria Sparks March 21, 2023

I’m a huge fan of GPT-3, but it looks like GPT-4 has even more impressive features. Thanks for breaking down the details so clearly, really helped me understand the differences

Bartosz West March 21, 2023

This article is super informative! I’ve been searching for the perfect AI text generator for my project and GPT-4’s capabilities seem mind-blowing. Can’t wait to give it a try!


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