Fast Essay Writing Service: Top 10 Urgent and Quick Essay Help Sites

As a student, you just can’t escape the deadlines. And at one point you just miraculously wind up with 3 different papers due at the same time. What’s your next move? Most of the time students start panicking, trying to do every task at once, and coming up with half-completed half-quality assignments. However, there’s another way. 

Luckily, there are platforms that can help you complete your academic tasks. And as pressing deadlines don’t wait, neither should you. So we drew up a list of those services, that can get your order done quickly, and maybe even before the estimated due date. As we want to be objective and consistent with our judgments, we compile the ranking based on our experience and the A*HELP scoring system.

How do we Know What’s a Quick Essay Help and What’s Not?

To get a clear idea of the services, our experts conduct mystery shopping and place orders with every academic writing platform we review. We then analyze our observations against a list of factors. Value-for-money ratio, overall experience, and paper quality are the main objectives of this study. 

Our assessment also includes complementary features, such as the order placement process, communication with support and writers, and, most importantly, the ability of the service to keep up with the estimated time limit. We ask for academic help with two tasks: a 2-page essay to be done in 6-8 hours, and a memo to the CEO to be prepared in 7 days. Thus we receive first-hand experience and can make assumptions about the velocity of order completion by the best essay writing services.

Most Rapid Essay Writing Service According to the Review (October 2022)

After the analysis of our top picks for emergency academic help, we have come to the conclusion that the best platform to make an urgent essay order is Not only does the service stick to the target date, but also accelerates them by more than half the time. It’s the best choice for those, who need their writing done quickly and efficiently.

Top List of Urgent Essay Writing Service Platforms

According to our Mystery Shopping Reviews, we can nominate the following 10 essay-writing platforms as the quickest academic help providers:


Fast essay writing service review
SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 6-hour deadline. Received 4 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 6 days before the deadline

A professional writing service founded back in 2015, EduBirdie seems to receive a stable flow of orders. It has established itself as a versatile solution for those who need help with any type of assignment from essays to case studies and term papers. Besides, being in the mid-price range, the platform ensures to give its customers the most top-notch papers.

In terms of order time frames, EduBirdie’s policies are clear: the minimum deadline is 3 hours and the maximum is 60 days. They also offer free revisions. If your assignment is up to 10 pages, correction can be done within 14 days after your payment. With tasks exceeding the 10-page limit it takes 30 days to do a revision. 

For our two orders, we didn’t expect to receive them back as quickly as we did. EduBirdie beat our 6-hour deadline by 4 hours. And the task that we expected to get in 7 days came to our inbox just 24 hours after placing the order. 

It’s worth mentioning that this platform is not at the top of our A*HELP general rating. It has proven to provide a great overall experience and high paper quality, resulting in a score of 77.15/100 pts.

Still, such lightning speed is what makes us rank the service the highest on this list. You may see that many reviewed services have similar results to the first paper. However, neither one of them completed the second assignment any sooner than EduBirdie. 


quick essay writing service reviews
SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 6-hour deadline. Received 4 hours before the deadline 
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 2 days before the deadline

Ever since StudyBay’s launch in 2013, it has been gaining popularity as a go-to affordable academic help service for many students. Its bidding system allows customers to choose the most qualified writer to complete their assignment. Thus Stubay ensures the most satisfactory outcome for its clients.

This service ranks among the top performers on our record with a general A*HELP score of 82.43/100 pts. Moreover, it received the highest score on our overall experience scale which includes customer support, security, and availability of payment methods — 25/25.

StudyBay claims to have an 8-hour minimum deadline. So, we placed our first order to match this time frame. We received the task 4 hours before the agreed time. We also ordered the second paper with a 7-day deadline and got it 2 days earlier. This leaves enough time to request a revision, which can be done in 10 (or in some cases 20) days. With that promptness, you will have an opportunity to submit the final version of your task even before your own initial due date.

As a result, the service proved to be not only efficient but also speedy. StudyBay outdid itself in terms of deadlines and earned its rightful second place on this list.


Urgent Essay Writing Service reviews
SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 6-hour deadline. Received 4 hours before the deadline 
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 1 day before the deadline

One of the top-rated essay writing services, EssayPro is the king of most affordable prices in this market. A low-budget approach and fresh marketing techniques bring the platform the popularity it strives for alongside a long list of potential customers.

EssayPro’s great overall experience score (24/25) and its paper quality results (37.1/50) landed this platform 77.1/100 pts on an A*HELP scale. Some points were taken off due to the lack of additional services and quality issues with one of their papers. However, the deadlines are not on this list of flaws.

EssayPro offers a minimum order time of 6 hours and a maximum of 60 days. They also offer revisions that can be requested within 14 (up to 10 pages) to 30 days (more than 10 pages).

Our papers came in 4 hours (personal essay) and 1 day (memo to the CEO) earlier than we had expected. These results are hardly worse than those of the already reviewed services. Such outcomes, with the consideration of other features, support the general score as well.

It seems that EssayPro doesn’t face any problems sticking to the deadlines. Even more than that, they leave some more time for their clients to familiarize themselves with the tasks and evaluate their quality.


Rapid Essay Writing Service reviews
SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 – 6-hour deadline. Received 4 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 2 hours before the deadline

EssayUsa is a young but ambitious platform that provides its customers with affordable help on academic tasks of any complexity. So, it doesn’t matter whether you need a lab report or a graduation thesis – these guys claim to know how to figure that out.

Despite being a newbie in the market, this platform got one of the highest scores according to the A*HELP methodology – 88/100 pts. Their strongest point turned out to be paper quality (42/50) – one of the best results in the rated category. 

The service offers a minimum deadline of 1 hour and a maximum of 30 days. It also provides quick revisions that can be done at any point of the writing process, or within 10 days after the task’s approval. If a paper is longer than 20 pages, then corrections can be asked for within 14 days upon approval.

EssayUsa is yet another platform that completed our assignments even earlier than anticipated. As well as some services, it took them only 2 out of 6 hours to finish our personal essay. The second paper, a memo to the CEO, however, was only 2 hours earlier than the requested date.

As such, this great quality essay writing service came 4th in our rating of the quickest platforms in the field. So if you need a fast essay writer to effectively complete one of your tasks, don’t hesitate to consider EssayUsa.


SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 – 6-hour deadline. Received 4 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 40 minutes before the deadline

Since its launch in 2015, GoNerdify got everybody talking about its AI-powered approach to connecting with customers. The service also draws attention thanks to its unique system of communication with expert “nerds” right through messengers rather than using traditional channels, like website chats or emails.

GoNerdify is the only platform that doesn’t set strict minimum and maximum deadlines. It claims to get work done within any time boundaries. It also has the longest period among the other reviewed services to submit a revision request – 30 days. 

With this in mind, we placed our two orders with regular deadlines, one of 6 hours and another of 7 days. As with other above-mentioned services, here, the first task came ready in 2 out of 6 hours. On the other hand, we should note that the second paper wasn’t so special and got done just on time. 

According to our A*HELP ranking, GoNerdify is a service in a middling position with 76.83/100 pts. Taking this alongside other facts into account, we can say that the platform is most likely to serve you not only well but also quickly. 


SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 – 6-hour deadline. Received 3 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 3 days before the deadline

MyAssignmentHelp is a great option for those who aim to get quality papers at bargain prices. Being in the industry for quite some time, the platform has created a widely recognized brand name. It also lures in more and more customers with its varied pool of services and discounts.

Having applied our A*HELP methodology, we have rated MyAssignmentHelp as high as 80.88/100 pts. This mark takes into account everything from average paper price to support team activity and paper quality. Deadlines are not an exception as well.

The service has a 1-hour minimum deadline. It doesn’t limit its customers to set a maximum due date – it can be any time they need. A revision process should be asked for within 45-90 days of receiving the order.

Our experience showed, that MyAssignmentHelp is doing a great job at sticking to the requested time frames. Our first task, an essay, was ready 3 hours prior to the deadline. The second paper, a memo to the CEO, got done in 4 out of 7 supposed days. This timely performance leaves enough time to ask for corrections and get your assignments ready even before the original due date.

With these results, MyAssignmentHelp lands in the 6th place on our list, which, however, doesn’t make it any slower.


SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 – 6-hour deadline. Received 3 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 3 days before the deadline

This is a low-budget academic help platform, that started way back in 2014. CheapestEssay provides services for those who feel stuck with their academic life. 

It claims to work fast and deliver assignments in as little as 3 hours. The longest time frame you can set here is 20 days. They also offer timely revisions, which should be requested no later than 14 days after the delivery. For longer assignments like dissertations and thesis papers, this period is prolonged to 30 days. Mind also that minor changes can be done in 48 hours.

With our assignments, CheapestEssay has proven to follow its own time frames. Our 6-hour assignment was done in 3 hours, thus showing the minimal stated deadline to be true. The second paper, which we had expected to receive in 7 days, came 3 days earlier. 

CheapestEssay showed that the combination of low prices, quality papers, and timely delivery is a real thing. With the A*HELP score of 77.73 and rapid performance of the tasks, this service deserves its 7th place on our list of the fastest platforms.


SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 – 6-hour deadline. Received 2 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 3 days before the deadline

SpeedyPaper is a long-established name in the field of essay writing. If students seek fast and quality academic assistance, they can rest assured to get it here.

The service has shown to have a high A*HELP score of 81.95 pts with one of the best results in paper quality — 42.95/50 pts. 

As for the platform’s time limits, it offers a minimum deadline of 6 hours, and a maximum of 20 days. The first paper we ordered beat the initial due term by 2 hours. The second task was ready 3 days in advance.

SpeedyPaper completed our assignments earlier than expected, giving us enough time to use its option of 3 free corrections before the task’s approval. So, we not only managed to get the papers on time but also made them as accurate as we wanted them to be.

Based on our experience and evidence, this service just couldn’t be excluded from the club of the fastest essay writing platforms. 


customwritings review
SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 – 6-hour deadline. Received 2 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 1 day before the deadline

Does 15-year industry experience sound reliable to you? Right, CustomWritings is just that website. Unsurprisingly, the service offers its expertise to those who need the most help — to customers with daunting academic assignments and papers. 

The service sits at the top of our A*HELP ranking with 86.75/100 pts. Value-for-money ratio, overall experience, and paper quality — it scored high in almost every aspect we reviewed.

We also checked the time frames offered by the platform. We found that can complete assignments as fast as 4 hours. The longest deadline you can opt for is 14 days.

Our experiment has proven that CustomWritings is an efficient service. The first task we requested was ready 2 hours earlier. The second one got done 1 day ahead of the deadline.

Even though not the fastest, Customwritings still has shown to be productive. It takes effort to deliver such high-quality papers even earlier than the requested dates.


SpeedPaper Review


Paper 1 – 6-hour deadline. Received 2 hours before the deadline
Paper 2 7-day deadline. Received 1 day before the deadline

Last but not least, we have This website provides its clients with a bidding system that helps select the most suitable expert for their academic needs. 

In our ranking system, this platform acquires the general A*HELP score of 70.8 pts. This result reflects all of the service’s features, including the ability to stick to deadlines.

The platform has quite common time limits. 3 hours is the minimum target time. There’s no maximum deadline though. Customers are free to set their due date as far ahead as they wish. 

However, our orders came even beforehand. The essay was sent to us 2 hours in advance. As for the memo to the CEO, we received it 1 day earlier than expected. 

Overall, despite coming last on our Top-10 list, EssayShark is still fast enough to deliver quality papers prior to the required deadlines.

The Choice of a Quick Essay Writer Provider: Summary

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Following this wisdom, we try our best to provide a comprehensive review of all of the services we include in our list. Our ratings are compiled according to our own experience and a checklist of must-have features, as we try to give customers true and unbiased information. We hope that these reviews will prove to be helpful and ease up the process of decision-making for those who search for the fastest academic help providers.


How can I improve my essay fast?

There are a lot of tools that can help you advance in your writing, it only depends on what kind of improvement you need to make. There are online services that offer grammar, punctuation, and plagiarism checks. Some websites can help you rephrase your sentences to make them more appealing and professional. You can also concentrate and look at the writing yourself or give it for a quick peer review to your friends. However, if you are in desperate need of a professional opinion, you should turn to academic services for help. You can use our A*HELP reviews to decide which one will be the most suitable for you.

Can I write 2000 words in 2 hours?

The short answer is yes. If you put in the effort and knowledge, 2 hours is enough to write a paper of this volume. Nevertheless, sometimes your expertise is not enough, and then we feel stuck with no idea where even to start. In this case, academic help platforms are a great fit. They can give you a sense of direction for your assignment and outline the main points. You can browse some of the platforms mentioned on this list, as they are the ones that can do your tasks the quickest. Be sure to check the minimum deadline time though, before placing the order with any of them.

How can I get my essay done fast?

Nothing can be done without your effort. And if you need something done fast, you just have to carry that through in one sitting. The more you stall, the more time you spend on that one piece of writing. Of course, you can have a bunch of other stuff to do instead of working on that essay. We understand that and that’s why we try to find useful and reputable services to help you with your academic struggles. When you want your assignment to be finished faster, just put it for a minimum time frame on the website. Thus you can be sure to receive it as soon as possible. And if you place your order with one of the platforms mentioned above, you are even more likely to receive your work much earlier.

How can I do an essay in an hour?

You can sit down and do the whole thing for one hour straight. Is it realistic? Only if the essay is not too long and you have a vast knowledge base. Being into writing would also be a great plus in this situation. And, naturally, you should have an hour of free time. Sometimes, we don’t have some of those things, sometimes all of them. That’s when essay writing services may come in handy. Browsing through some of the most popular platforms you will most certainly find the ones that can do urgent 1-hour tasks. Some of these platforms were mentioned in this review as well, so be sure to double-check the info above.


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