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how to write cause-effect essayPreviously, I’ve written posts dedicated to the wrong ways of writing persuasive, compare and contrast, definition, and some other types of essays. Today, I have chosen to rant on the way students write cause and effect essays. I don’t mean that all students write incorrectly, but… you know, I can’t keep silent about it anymore. So, here is the…

Wrong Way to Write Cause and Effect Essays

1. List out the effects, and then in the end, mention what the entire paper was all about. This is called deduction—a method of moving from general towards particularities, and your teacher will definitely appreciate having a bright student who knows what deduction is.

2. Try to find as many effects (or causes) as you can. Of course, since you have a word limit, you cannot dedicate too much space to each of them, so simply listing them is a good idea.

3. Or, on the contrary, if you are a logical person and like to focus on details, you can choose one effect (or cause) and expand on it till the very end of the paper. Teachers love reading such tricks, because they all admire their students’ ability to write a lot about nothing.

4. Any smart person will easily figure out the connections between causes and effects, so you don’t have to waste time explaining simple things.

5. Such topics as “Effects of Global Warming,” or “Causes of Xenophobia in the USA” are already worn out. To stand out, choose something extravagant and scarcely researched. For example, you can write an essay about the effects of the Curiosity-1 expedition to Mars on the population of local bacteria. Or, you can write a paper dedicated to the causes of why jellyfish lose appetite, or something like that. Turn on your imagination—the world is full of cause and effect topics!

6. The larger your topic is, the better (whatever that means).

So, now you know how to write an impressive cause and effect essay. Use this knowledge at your own risk, and God help you when you have exams.

See you!

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