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Yesterday I wrote a post about the music that helps me write in a calm and relaxed manner. However, I remembered all those days when I was excited (or, on the contrary, pissed off) by something, and wrote to let steam out. On days like this, calm meditative music is definitely not what a writer needs, so in case if you feel like unleashing your boiling energy in writing, check out the following playlist—in my opinion, the songs showcased are perfect for energetic writing.

Warning: some videos may contain explicit lyrics or disturbing content.

It’s Beck. What else can I say?
This one always cheers me up, no matter what.

The song reminds me of good old days when my friends and I used to gather in a basement and play rock. I wrote a whole story about teenage subcultures listening to this kind of music.

The Prodigy was the first band that convinced me that electronic music can be cool.

I don’t know why, but I always associate this song with feeling broken in a big city. Melancholy and some adolescent optimism mixed in one track.

No matter whether I am overburdened with problems or tired, this song makes me feel that everything is going to be fine. Besides, it sounds cool—in an old-fashioned way.
Sad, beautiful, alive, and dynamic.

The levels of positive energy in this song simply go off the scales.

Perfectly suits for writing about hitchhiking, Kerouac-style transamerican voyages, and cheap motels.

And, of course, the epic classic of all times.

Well, here are some songs totally different from what I posted yesterday. Enjoy (or not)!

See you next time.

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