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a tacked noteWant to know how to get published? Follow the advice below:

  1. Edit your piece of writing at least three times yourself.
  2. Bring your piece of writing to a respected colleague or a professional editor and discuss it with him or her. You can also join a writer’s group and get feedback there.
  3. When trying to send your piece of writing to a publication, check out all the submission requirements, and read the writing of others who have been published in the publication in which you want to get published.
  4. If you want to publish your own book, get a literary agent to promote your book to publishers.
  5. Be persistent in sending your writing to publishers. It is not often that someone gets accepted after the first time of sending out work. It may take 20 letters or more to publishers with your work attached to receive one acceptance letter.
  6. Start from non-notorious publishers. Once you get accepted by low-level publishers, try to move up to publications that are more popular, until you finally get published by the top publisher in your genre.
  7. Celebrate every time you published.
  8. Work harder every time you get a rejection letter. Being discouraged and working less on your writing because of discouragement will not help you.
  9. Enjoy your writing as much as you can! If you are not enjoying your writing, most likely people will not enjoy publishing your writing.
  10. Write not to get published—write for the joy of writing. When you write for joy alone, even if you get rejected by publishers, you are still enjoying your writing.
  11. Don’t have any expectations of whether or not your writing will get published.
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