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Annotated Bibliography Samples

Annotated bibliographies are notorious for being tricky assignments to complete. Check out our examples of annotated bibliographies to clear your doubts about how to write one.

The Role of Meditation in Modern American Life

Annotated Bibliography Yoa, Kate. The Transformation of American Materialism. New York: Cale Works Press, 2004. Print. Materialism is seen by the author as the main…

Effects of Thinking

Annotated Bibliography Scours, Adams. Thinking is a Threat to Your Well-Being. New York: Prince Books, 2004. Print. Scours outlines facts against the act of thinking:…

Individuals Enhancing their Social Skills

Cobb, Charles. Practical Communication for Technical and Vocational Arts. Santa Monica, CA: Goodyear, 1987. This text-workbook contains 13 sections covering areas such as “The Essentials…

Civilization is Not Westernization

Cao, Tian Y, Xueping Zhong, and Kebin Liao. Culture and Social Transformations in Reform Era China. Leiden: Brill, 2010. Internet resource. This book discusses how…

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