This week: The academic community has been buzzing with the ongoing student loan debate as the payment pause is slated to end soon. Will we see a dramatic solution? On the career front, the rise of tech-related jobs is undeniable, but is the path to coding as easy as it’s often painted? Meanwhile, a PhD job seeker has ignited a conversation about the use of quick logic tests in the hiring process, raising critical questions about hiring practices in various industries. The shifts have also been noticed in students life.With modern distractions and unorthodox learning environments, maintaining academic integrity and focus is more challenging than ever. What strategies can students employ to stay on the right track?

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Haven’t got a chance to get to the news reading this week? Don’t worry, the A*Help team is here for you! In this digest we highlighted the most important shifts in the spheres of education, technology, and student lives that happened in a span of this week. 

The Great Student Loan Debate: What Happens When the Payment Pause Ends?

22 May ’23

The Great Student Loan Debate: What Happens When the Payment Pause Ends?

As the deadline for the resumption of student loan payments approaches, much uncertainty lingers within the higher education community. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing widespread financial upheaval, the U.S. government instituted a pause on federal student loan payments. As the deadline for this relief measure looms, many graduates and students find themselves grappling with the financial realities of resuming payments in a still-uncertain economy. The debate is multi-faceted, and the solutions proposed range from broad-scale loan forgiveness to income-driven repayment plans. Critics of loan forgiveness argue it could lead to a moral hazard, while proponents claim it could provide much-needed relief to millions of Americans. As the date draws nearer, the debate intensifies, with many awaiting a firm decision from the government. The conclusion of this discussion could have far-reaching implications for current students, graduates, and the future of higher education funding.

Shifting to Coding Career Through Hurdles and Difficulties

23 May ’23

Shifting to Coding Career Through Hurdles and Difficulties

The recent analysis of career landscape showed a rapid shift with an increasing number of individuals making the move to technology-focused roles, specifically coding. 

The lucrative potential of coding careers attracts many, even though the path is not without its hurdles. It was stated that many new entrants face difficulties such as a steep learning curve and a lack of practical experience. The age bias present in the tech industry also adds to the hurdles. Despite these hardships, those who persist often reap significant rewards. Several resources are available to aid individuals on this journey, including coding bootcamps, online learning platforms, and supportive coding communities. These tools are invaluable for overcoming obstacles and achieving success in the coding world.

While the coding profession is burgeoning, it still demands hard work, determination, and resilience. Therefore, individuals considering this career path must be prepared for both the struggles and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Battling Cheating and Laziness – How to Get Back on Study Track

24 May ’23

Battling Cheating and Laziness – How to Get Back on Study Track

Have you wondered why are you so distracted while studying? Well, maybe it is because modern era in general presents a unique set of challenges for students.

As was found, increased distractions and unconventional learning environments all contribute to issues of academic dishonesty and procrastination. Factors like remote studying and easy access to information online have inadvertently fueled a rise in cheating incidents. Additionally, digital distractions and a lack of structured learning environment often lead to procrastination. These behaviors not only compromise academic integrity but also hinder students’ personal and intellectual growth.

However, there are strategies available to help students overcome these hurdles. Some methods include setting clear academic goals, breaking down tasks into manageable chunks, and developing time management skills. Utilizing technology, such as productivity apps, can also help to minimize distractions and enhance focus. Schools and educators are encouraged to adopt measures to uphold academic integrity and promote proactive learning to ensure the personal and intellectual growth of their students.

PhD Job Seeker Criticizes the Use of Quick Logic Tests in Hiring

24 May ’23

PhD Job Seeker Criticizes the Use of Quick Logic Tests in Hiring

If you find today’s job market too competitive, you are not alone. And the part of the problem may be an insufficient approach to filtering job applicants.

A PhD job seeker has raised concerns about the use of quick logic tests during the hiring process. These tests, often used to quickly filter applicants, are being criticized for not accurately reflecting the skills and capabilities of job candidates. They were said to not fully represent a person’s analytical capabilities or problem-solving skills. As was claimed, such tests can potentially exclude candidates who might excel in the actual job but perform poorly in timed, high-pressure situations.

This criticism has sparked a broader debate on hiring practices in various industries. Many are now questioning whether the current methodologies are inclusive and fair, and if they truly identify the most competent candidates. It prompts a reconsideration of recruitment strategies, highlighting the need for a more holistic approach to evaluating potential hires. This could include focusing on prior experience, portfolios, and problem-solving in a real-world context, rather than relying solely on timed logic tests.

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