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The AMA citation style by the American Medical Association is widely used for citing sources in medical research, health, and other life sciences The AMA citation style is a version of the Vancouver style, adapted by the American Medical Association for use in their publications.
The AMA citation style is designed to credit academic papers and their authors accurately, avoiding plagiarism.

What is the AMA citation format

The AMA Manual of Style does not provide any specific regulations for formatting papers. However, there are general guidelines concerning margins, line spacing, fonts, indents, title papers, etc.

Style guide for citation machine AMA

In the AMA Manual of Style, sources can be cited in two forms: Sample Reference and In-Text Citations.

Sample Reference. Usually, references are listed on a separate reference page of the paper where full information about sources is provided. Begin your list with a double space, start with the number 1, and place a period after each number. In the AMA format references are numbered in the order they appear in the paper. Note: each source is included only once. If the source is cited multiple times in the text, use the same number each time. All the references must be left-aligned.

A reference includes: the author’s last name and initials, the source title, information about the publisher or publication, and the publication date.

AMA book citation format

AMA book citation format

AMA journal article citation format

AMA journal citation format

AMA website citation format

AMA website citation format

Note: To accurately structure a reference page, check with verified guides.

In-Text Citations.In order to create in-text citations in APA style, you need to use superscript Arabic numerals (like this ¹). When using superscript numbers for references in your text, place them outside of periods and commas, but inside of colons and semicolons. If you need to cite multiple references at once, you can do so in a single instance. For references that appear in sequence, connect them using a hyphen. For those that are not sequential, separate them with commas, ensuring there’s no space between the numbers.

Number of references Example
Single Patel et al.⁴ revealed their discovery in 1995.
Kim et al.⁷ published their research conclusions in 2020.
Multiple The phenomenon was extensively studied in the early 2000s (Johnson et al.¹⁻³).
Recent research supports these findings.⁴,⁶,⁸

When incorporating page numbers in your citations, especially when quoting directly, place them in parentheses immediately following the citation number, without any spaces. Use “p” to denote a single page and “pp” for a range or multiple pages.

AMA citation example

AMA citation example

Note: AMA guidelines advise against placing a superscript reference citation right after a number in your text. This precaution is to prevent confusion with mathematical exponents. It’s recommended to restructure your sentences accordingly to avoid such ambiguities.

Note: Parenthetical citations should be reserved exclusively for sources not listed in the reference list, like unpublished materials, personal communications, and news articles. Such citations may optionally contain a title or author’s name, but they must include page numbers and, when available, a DOI or URL for reference.

How to create an AMA citation example with AHelp

When using AMA Style for referencing, meticulous attention to detail is essential to avoid minor errors. The AHelp Citation Generator addresses this challenge effectively. This easy-to-use tool guarantees accurate and prompt AMA formatting, adhering to the latest standards of the 11th edition of the AMA Publication Manual. Simply enter the details of your source, and the citation machine will quickly generate the required references or in-text citations, ensuring precision and convenience.

What is an AMA citation?

AMA citation is a style developed by the American Medical Association for citing sources in medical research and other life sciences. It provides guidelines for formatting references and in-text citations to accurately credit academic papers and their authors, thereby avoiding plagiarism.

How do you cite in AMA format?

In AMA format, references are numbered and listed in the order they appear in the text on a separate reference page. Each entry includes the author's last name and initials, followed by the title and publication details. In-text citations use superscript Arabic numerals, placed outside periods and commas, and inside colons and semicolons. Multiple references are cited with a hyphen for sequential sources or commas for non sequential sources.

How do you cite AMA websites?

In AMA format, website citations should include the author's last name and initials, the title of the web page, the name of the website, the publication date, the date when the website was accessed, and the URL.

AMA style citation example

How do you cite an AMA book?

To cite a book in AMA format, start with the author's last name and initials, followed by the book's title and subtitle (if applicable), the publisher, and the year of publication.

AMA style book citation example


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