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The AcademicHelp NLM citation generator is an essential tool for professionals and students in the healthcare and medical sciences, designed to align with the National Library of Medicine's citation format. This style is distinctive for its comprehensive approach to medical documentation, emphasizing accuracy and detail in citing journals, books, and electronic sources. The generator simplifies the process of adhering to NLM guidelines, ensuring that each citation is meticulously formatted to meet the rigorous standards of medical writing.

What is NLM Citation and Where to Use Them

NLM or National Library of Medicine is a formatting style created mainly for medical books, publications, and other documents. This style of citing differs from many other ways of creating citations as it doesn’t have any specific guidelines as to how academic papers should be structured in this format. The only purpose of NLM is to regulate the structure of in-text citations and references.

However, even in this case, the National Library of Medicine citations can have a flexible structure. Mainly, this style offers three different ways of organizing in-text citations:

  • by author-year system
  • in sequence system
  • or by the author-sequence system.

How to Use NLM Citation Machine

Many medical students (as well as learners from any other major) experience frustration when it comes to including citations and references in the text. If you also need clarification on the NLM citation format, know that you are not alone and that we are here to help.

To make the academic writing process easier for you, use the Free NLM Citation Generator by Academichelp. With this tool, you will spend only a few minutes organizing all the necessary sources, even if you don’t have enough information about them. Just enter the URL or DOI of your source into our NLM generator and press the generate button. Of course, if you have them, you can also enter all the details manually, and AcademicHelp’s smart algorithm will structure everything according to the generally accepted regulations.

NLM in Text Citation Format

As was previously mentioned, in the NLM formatting style, you can choose from three systems for in-text citations, but remember to use the same method throughout your paper.

1.In the Citation-Sequence system, you use numbers instead of detailed citation information in the text. These numbers match the order of the full references on the last page, called the References page.

2.For the Citation-Name system, it’s similar: use numbers in the text, but here, they refer to references listed alphabetically on the References page.

3.The third method, the Name-Year system, is a bit different. Instead of numbers, you put the author’s last name and the year of publication in brackets (like this) in the text. These in-text citations link to a list of references at the end, sorted by the author’s name and then by the year.

Remember, whichever system you choose, stick to it throughout your entire paper.

Using NLM Format Generator for References

Creating a reference page for your academic papers is a responsible task that will ensure your publication’s originality and credibility. When using Medical Journal citation format for references, you need to be cautious of what style of formatting you use for the in-text citations.

For the Citation-Sequence system, in-text citations are represented by numbers, with the corresponding full references listed on the References page in the order they appear in the paper.

In contrast, the Citation-Name system also uses numbers for in-text citations, but the references on the References page are organized alphabetically, not by the order of their appearance.

The Name-Year system differs by using the author’s last name and publication year in parentheses for in-text citations, and the References page in this system is sorted alphabetically by the author and then chronologically by the year of publication.

Regardless of the system, the References page is always the final section of the paper and starts on a new page.

Note also that the structure of references will also depend on the nature of the source you need to cite. To learn how to properly format references for books, journals, websites, and other publications, please refer to the latest edition of ‘Citing Medicine: The NLM Style for Authors, Editors, and Publishers’ manual.

Considering the complexity of the reference page organization process, using AcademicHelp’s Free NLM Citation Generator can be highly beneficial. Thanks to its AI-powered system, you will save time not only on structuring your references but also finding all the necessary details to include in them. All you need to have is the URL or DOI of the needed source and that’s all.


What is an NLM citation?

NLM citation is a formatting style mainly used by authors, editors, and publishers in the field of medicine. This style is used for formatting in-text citations and references and doesn’t provide any guidelines on the formatting of the academic paper itself.

How do you cite in NLM format?

To cite in NLM format, first, choose one of the three citation systems:

  1. Citation-Sequence — ‘Body text…[1].’
  2. Citation-Name — ‘Sentence text…[16].’ (alphabetically 16th on the reference list)
  3. Name-Year — ‘A groundbreaking study by Miller (2018) revolutionized our understanding of quantum computing.’

Each has its own way of presenting citations in the text and organizing the References page. Be sure to stay consistent with the specific system you chose. If you want to make everything easier, use the Free NLM Citation Generator by Academichelp. With its help, you will have all the necessary citations ready in just a couple of minutes.

How do you cite NLM websites?

To cite a website in NLM format, follow these steps:

  1. List the author(s) of the website. Write their last name followed by their first and middle initials (if available). Separate multiple authors with commas and end with a period.
  2. Write the title of the website. After the title, indicate that the source is a website by adding [Internet] in brackets. Finish with a period.
  3. Include the place of publication: then the name of the publisher;
  4. List the date when the webpage was published. Use the format year month abbreviation date (e.g., 2023 Mar 15), without commas.
  5. [Note the date when the website was last updated; then the date you accessed or cited the website]. Both dates should be in the format year month abbreviation date and within the same set of brackets.
  6. Add Available from: followed by the website's URL.

How do you cite an NLM book?

NLM manual includes rules for organizing book references for both printed and online formats. Generally, to cite a book in NLM format, follow these steps:


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