Applying for Master Degree program in German University

🔥 published March 5, 2018 - updated March 7, 2018
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AvatarAbdul Moeez asked 5 years ago

Hi, I wish to apply for masters in a german university an they are asking me to write an essay and no descriptions have been given to me. I wish to ask you how the essay should be and what should be the focus in the essay?

I have 12000 words which seem to be more than sufficient for saying anything that I want but ofcourse, i wish to be as concise as possible.

1 Answers
NicholasNicholas Staff answered 5 years ago

Firstly, you can take a look at our guides for writing to admissions:

I think the essay will be a standard statement of purpose essay. Here is our guide on writing statement of purpose essays:


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