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published November 24, 2017 - updated January 11, 2018
AvatarObadah Aldowaji asked 6 years ago

Hello, I have to write a compare and contrast essay for e-books and printed books. Unfortunately, I’m very weak in writing subtopics, thesis statements, and an intro. I’m thinking to make (Environment, Learning, and Personal use) as the three topics or aspects to compare by. Can you help in any way :). I had a bad grade on my last major exam.

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NicholasNicholas Staff answered 6 years ago

I don’t know how “environment” would be factored into this essay. “Learning” and “personal use” works, though. Maybe “storage” meaning how you can store them/keep them. Here is our guide on compare and contrast essays for detailed help: https://academichelp.net/academic-assignments/essay/write-compare-contrast-essay.html

Also, here is an essay sample on your topic: https://academichelp.net/samples/academics/essays/persuasive/e-books.html

AvatarObadah Aldowaji replied 6 years ago


AvatarObadah Aldowaji replied 6 years ago

by proving that e-books have environmental benefits otherwise printed books have bad effects on our planet. I think I will include storage advantages in personal use. Thanks a lot for the guide I had already read it, and for the sample, it helped me a lot 🙂
Are there any tips to improve my theses statements and my intro?


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