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gillt asked 6 years ago

Hello I am in need of a topic for my short story for my English class . l am at a standstill with this . can you please help?

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Nicholas Staff answered 6 years ago

Short stories can be written in many different ways in many different genres. However, there are some popular topics one could write about:

1. Take a memory from your own life, and write about it in a fictionalized way, changing details to add aesthetics.
2. Getting through an obstacle: emotional, psychological, or physical.
3. A group of troublemakers become good after a certain event.
4. Someone goes on a journey to find something they are seeking, and finds something quite different.
5. Someone is living a mundane life, but something extraordinary happens to him or her that will change his or her life forever.

Also, here is our guide on writing short stories:


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